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No Matter What You Say This Camaro Is Parked in The Appropriate Parking Spot

A friend of mine today posted this picture of black Chevy Camaro in Camaros Unlimited Facebook groups and sent me an email saying his buddy took it in California.


"A buddy was driving through a parking lot and saw this beautiful car. We noticed it was in the handicap spot. Now we understand," wrote a TorqueNews reader named James Bond about this picture. He said his friend took it somewhere in California and sent it to him.

Although this Camaro is parked in a handicap parking spot, if you look carefully it has the handicap badge inside the car. It's visible. So at least it's parked appropriately and legally. But what about the rear wheels?

Overwhelming majority in Camaros Unlimited Group, one of the largest Chevy Camaro enthusiast groups on Facebook, don't like it. But some people say it's very functional.

Someone even called it old fashioned Camaro. He says if it was 1994 he would say it looks great, but the fashion has changed now. Tires are offset.

Well I like the front rims and hood and the fact that it's a Camaro, but what kind of spacers are those? It looks like it needs some wheel spacers on the back.

Overall, do you think this Camaro has awesome look?

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