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This New Hybrid Truck Eclipses Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V

Many of the Ford Maverick hybrid buyers are previous Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V owners. What's in the Maverick hybrid that attracts the RAV4 and CR-V buyers?


Ford Says many people who buy a Maverick, are first time truck buyers who previously owned a Toyota RAV4 or a Honda CR-V.

Recent documents released by Ford show that the Maverick is attracting many new buyers who have never owned a truck before. Apparently, 80% of people who buy the subcompact pickup have never owned a truck and, according to the automaker, most of them previously owned a Honda Civic, CR-V or Toyota RAV4. .

This can be explained by the price of the Ford Maverick since it is the cheapest truck to buy in North America today.

Additionally, the entry-level version of Ford Maverick is powered by a fuel-efficient hybrid powertrain, which likely helps convince buyers who previously owned a Toyota RAV4 and who want the utility of a truck without the increased fuel consumption and environmental pollution that comes with it. usually accompany.

This hybrid model is also quite unique in the market since the only other hybrid trucks currently on sale are the Ford F-150 PowerBoost and the Toyota Tundra Hybrid, both of which are full-size models.

Interestingly, the Maverick is more popular than Honda's similar Ridgeline, even with buyers who have owned Honda vehicles before. In fact, here we dared We dare to compare Toyota Tacoma to Honda Ridgeline.

This could be due to Ford's popularity in the truck segment, especially with the F-series, which continues to be the best-selling vehicle on the continent, with 467,307 units sold in the United States alone since the start of the year. 'year.

The Maverick managed to sell 51,802 units during the same period, of which 3,154 reached their buyers during the month of September. By the way, in the 2023 model year, Ford has managed to add some important features to the Maverick Tremor pickup.

With trucks only staying an average of 6 days at the dealership before being sold, there's reason to think the Maverick's popularity may be hampered by production delays rather than a lack of demand.

Are you a Toyota RAV4 or a Honda CR-V owner that switch to Maverick? If yes, please let us know what triggered your decision in the comments section below. Thanks for reading and sharing in social media.

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Robert Geiler (not verified)    October 10, 2022 - 1:09PM

I'm going with the RAV-4 because I lose 10 inches of garage space with the Maverick. I would prefer a king cab to shorten the length so everyone could parki t in their garages. Another option would be to make a longer bed wirh a short cab.

Penny Henry (not verified)    October 11, 2022 - 7:29AM

I owened a Rav4. I bought a maverick because I wanted a small truck with a bed that I could use to haul things with and a backseat for extra passengers.