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Tesla Giga Berlin's Logistical Approach


The general work at Tesla Giga Berlin is entering a new phase and stage: logistics. Logistics by rail, less traffic on country roads, more bike paths on site: a Tesla representative presented the traffic concept for the "Gigafactory" in the state parliament. Meanwhile, company boss Musk sends greetings via Twitter who didn't miss their goal.

Brandenburg's Public Radio RBB 24 reports on Tesla's goals and plans at Giga Berlin.

Relocation of train stations, separate motorway exits, more bike lanes: for the first time, a Tesla representative presented plans by the US electric car manufacturer to the members of the Brandenburg state parliament to expand the infrastructure for the planned factory in Grünheide near Berlin.

"We are currently building the most advanced series production facility in the world in Brandenburg," said Alexander Riederer, representative of the "Gigafactory" team, in front of the MPs on Thursday. Infrastructure development is therefore a top priority for Tesla.

Specifically, the Tesla representative spoke of aligning logistics to the railways in order, among other things, to minimize the consequences of through traffic for the communities. The company is also planning local supply chains for the production of the vehicles.

A highway exit is also planned in the north to relieve the surrounding L38 state road. From Tesla's point of view, it is also necessary to relocate the Fangschleuse train station further to the west in order to shorten distances. In addition, an additional stop is planned in the south. Tesla has already commissioned a timetable study.

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