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Tesla Is Counting on a Proven Giga Berlin Tactic for Phase 2 Expansion

Tesla Is Counting on a Proven Giga Berlin Taactic for Phase 2 Expansion


Tesla is counting on a proven Giga Berlin tactic to start Phase 2 expansion of the same EV gigafactory. According to information from Brandenburg authorities, Tesla plans to apply for the expansion (Phase 2) of Giga Berlin electric car factory. Since the processing of this application is also likely to take several years, Tesla is counting on being able to build with partial permits beforehand.

Tesla wants to apply for several expansions for its factory in Grünheide (Oder-Spree) in the coming months.

As the rbb learned from official circles, the State Environment Agency expects an initial application for approval this week.

Tesla had already cleared another hurdle to expanding the Giga Berlin electric vehicle factory last week. On Thursday, the municipal council in Grünheide approved a change in the development plan. The company would like to create logistics areas and a service center as soon as possible. Around 100 hectares of forest have to be cleared for this.

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