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Analysts Drive Giga Berlin Tesla Model Y on Autobahn and Tell This

Analysts Drive Giga Berlin Tesla Model Y on Autobahn and Tell This


This week, several analysts were invited by Tesla to visit the German Gigafactory Giga Berlin and had the opportunity to test drive one of the Model Y Performance from there.

Pierre Ferragu from New Street Research, whose questions are regularly admitted and answered in telephone conferences by Tesla, informed about this in advance. Ferragu himself was initially impressed by the quality of the German Model Y. Other professional observers of Tesla shares described their impressions of the factory in short studies for customers.

After the freeway test drive of Giga Berlin-made Model Y electric vehicle on Wednesday, Tesla's top investor advisor Martin Viecha reported on Twitter about a conversation with Ferragu. The Model Y from the local factory is built like a German premium car, the analyst said. According to Viecha, that's actually it, was his answer. Ferragu responded by saying he was expecting premium Teslas, but in fact they are now even luxury cars.

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