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Lexus CT200h Is Nothing More Than An Ultimate Luxury Version Of The Toyota Prius, Change My Mind

Lexus is Toyota. The CT200h is really nothing more than a hyped-up technical version of the Toyota Prius. Here are my reasons why.

Lexus is nothing more than an overpriced and highly technical Toyota. So why does the Lexus CT200h cost so much more than a fully loaded Toyota Prius?

Here are three ways the Lexus CT200h is nothing more than an over-glorified Toyota Prius.

Fact One: Lexus CT200h and Toyota Prius Share The Same Battery
The CT200h and Toyota Prius share the same 28 modules high voltage battery pack. Toyota does this to keep the production costs down for making multiple vehicles with a similar platform.

Toyota and Lexus Battery Modules

I know this because the same warranty coverage covers these hybrid batteries at the Toyota Prius. The new 10-year 150,000-mile battery warranty also has to cover the Lexus CT200h. Also, those batteries will need servicing as well. With all the research I have been involved in with hybrid battery maintenance and reconditioning, I know this is true.

Fact Two: Lexus Ct200h Uses The Same Engine As The Toyota Prius
The 2ZR-FXE 1.8Liter engine is in both third-generation Toyota Prius and also the Lexus CT200h. The difference lies within the engine covers. The plastic trim that goes on top of the engine is the difference between Lexus and Toyota.

Toyota/Lexus 1.8 Liter 2ZR-FXE engine

The engine part numbers are identical also. Meaning spark plugs, coolant, coils, and a plethora of other parts are the same. There is one key thing to remember here, though, some of the part numbers will be Lexus, and some will be Toyota.

Toyota, again, does this to keep production costs as low as possible. Sharing parts between models and across platforms make financial sense. So, next time you need a few pieces for your CT200h, check the Toyota part number too; it could save you a few bucks.

Fact Three: The CT200h Body Is Different But The Idea Is The Same As Prius
The whole hatchback idea took off with the advent of generation 2 Prius. As the model ran from 2004-2009, it became and still is one of the most wildly popular Prius generations.

Lexus CT200h Silver side shot

Lexus captured the essence of gen two and gen three Prius. The CT200h is a blend of elegance, style, and versatility based on the success of the Prius hatchback shape. The Lexus has different lines, lights, and windows that make it a very different looking car, but why would Lexus take on that shape specifically? I think it was to capture another part of the hybrid market that wanted an affordable (so to speak) luxury hybrid.

2017 Toyota Prius Prime Silver

It is smart on the part of the Toyota/Lexus brand to share ideas that sell, and this is one reason Toyota does so well with marketing.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the Lexus CT200h and if you think it is just an overpriced Toyota Prius. Drop me a line. Thanks for reading. I hope you have a great pre-holiday weekend coming up. See you in the next story, Pro Tips From An Auto Instructor Allows Toyota Prius Owners To Steal Back Robbed Fuel Mileage

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Peter Neilson is an automotive consultant specializing in electric cars and hybrid battery technologies. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Automotive Service Technology from Weber State University. Peter is also an Instructor of Automotive Technology at Columbia Basin College. Peter can be reached on Linkedin and you can tweet him at The_hybrid_guy on Twitter. Find his page on Facebook at Certified Auto Consulting

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I think the better article would be why the newer Lexus UX200 has such a lackluster powertrain, better suited for the Toyota Corolla. They really forgot the HP, and it shows!
What an ill informed article. Of course it's similar, in the same way that an Audi is a Skoda! The build and cabin quality of the Lexus is not only leagues ahead of the Toyota, it is also better than anything the Germans offer.
Hi, the person who wrote the article on the comparison between Toyota and Lexus and the common similarities between models must be a genius!! If you have never got English sarcasm, then that was it. Steve, CT200H owner in London England. Here when you see a Prius it is a taxi. Normal people get the other Toyota models or Lexus if they work hard. Merry Christmas
Hi, the person who wrote the article on the comparison between Toyota and Lexus and the common similarities between models must be a genius!! If you have never got English sarcasm, then that was it. Steve, CT200H owner in London England. Here when you see a Prius it is a taxi. Normal people get the other Toyota models or Lexus if they work hard. Merry Christmas
Whenever there's an article about the Prius it is usually meant to stir the owners and cater to the anti Prius crowd. This is another one of those click baits. I wished the media stop bashing Prius because it's one of the best and most reliable cars Toyota produced. I have a sports car and Prius. Prius gave me nothing but reliable miles at 178k on factory brake pads. What other car has this much low maintenance? Then again the bashing allows me to buy my 2nd used Prius for cheap
Same drive train but they handle completely different. Plus the biggest difference is that one of them is an ugly uber so my wife would never drive it. The other is a nice lexus
I own both vehicles. A 2012 Prius with the Performance Plus package and a 2016 CT200h F-Sport limited edition. I have driven both cars extensively. The Prius Performance Plus car is light years ahead of the normal car in terms of Looks handling and steering. Worth every bit of the 3k option. But when you compare to the CT the interior and luxury really start to become noticeable. The handling and cornering are similar but both are significantly better than the stock Prius. The seats in the Prius suck not so in the CT. My used CT with 25K miles was $23k and my new Prius Plus was about $30k. The CT is a better car in every way except for the trunk/hatch space. Honestly I wouldn't be caught owning a stock Prius... The bottom line is the CT is a much better car than the Prius and is you can afford the extra $$ and appreciate the comfort and luxury, do it.
So, it's a luxury version of one of the most reliable cars on the planet? I don't see the problem. You pay extra for the luxurious amenities and you get the legendary reliability of a Toyota... more specifically the Toyota Prius. So I guess you can write your next article about how a Ritz Carlton is a ultra luxurious version of a Holiday Inn.
Ha, ha, so very well put.
Concerning your reasearch into hybrid batteries, not all are created equal. Not all hybrid software operates on the same parameters. Meaning if we were discussing an older honda civic hybrid, battery replacement would be a guarantee. But on the two cars mentioned, you will probably be spending major money on the engine long before you will need a battery. Toyota used a quality battery and does not deep cycle it. Many of these vehicles will never see a new battery in their lifetime. As to the decision of buying any manufacture's luxury brand instead of the similar regular brand car, value is not the priority in the purchase decision. Luxury brands allways depreciate faster, no matter who's, and everybody knows it.
Whatever. That stupid Lexus has that annoying hump in the back so the center passenger is uncomfortable AF. Elegant my booty. Prius is more elegant. Toyota sucks! They blew it with POS and Toyota blew it with Tesla. Faqhu Toyota!
I have ridden in the CT and driven a prius (2016) since 2016. The CT certainly feels a bit comfier. I haven't ridden too far in one though. What I know is that the newest gen prius is much faster accelerating than the CT... probably due to having no luxury items on board and a lower drag coefficient. The P is an aluminum can on wheels. I doubt there's any way to upgrade the handling (and safety) much on a prius besides larger rims. I wouldn't lower the suspension since it's already a bit low and scrapes on steep driveways, necessitating angled driving..