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Why doesn't the 2017 Chevrolet Camaro offer all of the latest safety technology?

A potential buyer asks why some of the 2017 Chevrolet Camaros don't have backup cameras or blindspot sensors. Technology adds money to the cost of any vehicle and this may come down to a money question.

A potential Chevrolet Camaro buyer asks an interesting question. Jim C. asks, “I love the value of the 1le, but I don't want to backup a Camaro with no backup camera. Also no blindspot sensors? Is Chevy misunderstanding the market?”

I recently wrote about the 2018 Chevrolet Corvette not offering blindspot sensors either. People responding to Jim C. seem to think the technology may be available, but not on all vehicles.

Glen, from Ft. Lauderdale, says “They have it ....just not on the level of trim of your car.”

Jim C. realizes that he may be able to get the backup camera, but not the blindspot sensors. “I am an idiot. I missed that feature on the web page. Hmm, 1le vs zl1....? Decisions, decisions.”

A reader named Diel Stoz wrote and wanted me to make sure that everyone knows that
"All 2017 Camaros have standard Rear Vision Cameras. Correction, please." I checked and Diel is correct, so thank you straightening that out.

Fed93 adds that the cameras will soon be a requirement. “Back up cameras are going to be a requirement on all cars sold in the US as of May 2018. Agreed on liking the low options of the 1LE.”

Iron Oak says that Chevrolet and the Camaro offer an amazing range of packages for people who want the stripped down version, all the way up to drivers who want all the bells and whistles. “I love the fact that the 1LE is very narrow focused. It keeps it a little more pure but doesn't necessarily go as far to be as single minded focus as the Z/28. There are different levels of performance with lots of options. If you want a sunroof, a auto trans or more creature comforts but still have the ability to do some occasional track work you have a 2SS. Want something a little more dedicated and track oriented with some heritage behind it you have the 1LE. Want the best of both worlds, there's the ZL1. And eventually you will have your single minded focus performance king, the Z/28. There's give and take in each selection. It just depends where your priorities lay.”

Several enthusiasts are upset that the 2017 Chevrolet Camaro doesn’t just give buyers the option to buy accessories like blindspot sensors. It does seem odd that they don’t just list it as an option, even if it is an expensive one. Tadge Juechter, the chief engineer for the Corvette, said they blindspot sensors wouldn’t be offered on the 2018 Corvette, because they needed the space in the bumpers for other technology. It seems as though they could still make the option available for a price.

Wyndham says, “There have been numerous threads on this forum, just like this one...asking why some pretty expected features aren't available on this car. Just because it's designed to be used on the track, does NOT mean that folks doing so won't like to drive around on a daily-basis with simple things like backup sensors, and comfortable interior trim.”

Jason says, “I could care less about the backup camera but the reverse sensor (beeping) is almost mandatory in my opinion. I can't count how many times it's kept me from hitting something in my 5th gen ZL1.”

It is a reasonable question to ask why they don’t make the full range of options available for an upcharge. Automakers seem to save their money by offering different trim level packages, nowadays. Perhaps, we’ll be able to add some items, a la carte, in the future.

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Hello, Your story is half right. All 2017 Camaros have standard Rear Vision Cameras. Correction, please.
Thank you for the information. Please see that I have updated the story. Again, thank you!