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The Best Chevy Silverado Camping Parts and Accessories

Camping is growing as a sport and there are several accessories that can make your outdoor adventure easier and more fun. We have some add-ons you may want to try, especially if you plan to "glamp." In a recent video Joe Dick from the AmericanTrucks Chevy & GMC discusses some of the best camping modifications for Chevy Silverado owners.


It is incredible how camping is growing as a sport and it may be because accessory makers have been brilliant at creating add-ons to make the camping experience more fun! Our friends at American Trucks have some great ideas for improving your visit to the great outdoors. They also have some suggestions that will improve your chances of getting your friends to go with you. Joe Dick’s suggestions are tailored to making your nature experience easier, safer and cleaner in your Chevrolet Silverado.

I must admit, I am not a camper. I tried it once when I was little and I didn’t like the bugs. Even I would consider camping because these accessories make it more like glamour camping or glamping. Seriously, you can take all the comforts of home with you in your Chevrolet Silverado.

Truly, you can stay warm, safe and dry without renting a cabin. For a relatively small investment, you can out fit your Chevrolet Silverado with accessories designed to fit perfectly and make your life much, much easier.

A Truck Bed Tent for Chevy Silverado

Did you know that there is a tent that fits perfectly on the truck bed of your Chevrolet Silverado? Joe Dick has found one made by Rightline Gear that not only fits, but is water resistant. This tent even has a skylight and windows. Call me crazy, but if you can sleep under the stars, but elevated away from bugs and critters, why wouldn’t you? This is a clean-freak's dream! No sleeping on soggy wet ground, even if it is raining.

There is even an air mattress that fits in the bed perfectly and it fits in the tent! It is also made by Rightline Gear. It is technically large enough to sleep two adults, I would imagine you would have to be cuddling. The chances that you would be cuddling are greatly improved if you are warm, safe and dry, not soaked in a rain storm sleeping on cold wet ground!

A True Fridge/Freezer Combo

Joe has other suggestions for mods that will dramatically improve your camping experience. He suggests investing in an ARB 82-quart fridge-freezer combination. The extremely large portable fridge and freezer combo will keep things cold down to zero degrees. This makes it possible to take along items like baby formula, medicine and other necessities. You wouldn’t have to worry about ice melting or perishables going bad. Easily cleaned, it can also keep fish or fowl fresh until you get home. The fridge-freezer combo plugs into your rear seat charger or it is especially convenient to plug into the 120-volt plug in the bed of your Chevrolet Silverado.

Storing Valuables Out of Sight

Dick, in his video for The Haul, also suggests getting a Husky Gearbox that is perfectly sized to fit under the rear seat of your Chevrolet Silverado. The Gearbox can be divided to hold tools or really anything that you want to keep out of view. It is tailored to look like it is part of the vehicle, so few would suspect you are concealing valuables.

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Pumping Up All Those Creature Comforts

Another great suggestion for your outdoor adventure is a Smittybilt air compressor. It comes with all sorts of tubes and needles so it can fill that air mattress, tubes and other water toys. It clips on to the Silverado’s battery and can even be used to refill low tires.

One big suggestion for security, Joe likes the idea of a locking, aluminum, folding tonneau cover like the Undercover Ultra Flex trifold. The hard cover will keep animals out. Unfortunately, thieves cans easily slit a vinyl tonneau cover, so the locking aluminum cover can keep preying eyes and sticky fingers out of your truck bed.

Joe Dick has loads of other useful suggestions, I have just named a few of the ones that would make even the most squeamish consider heading out to the great outdoors in a great outdoor vehicle like the Chevrolet Silverado. In fact, on American Trucks' website Joe has listed all the top Silverado Camping discussed in this story and above video.

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Jacqueline Rogers (not verified)    August 7, 2021 - 8:09PM

I have 2015 Silverado ext can. I would like to camp in it with my dog at craft shows etc. I need secure sleeping area but also comfortable. I'm 60 have had multiple spinal surgeries