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Video walk around captures the essence of 2018 Civic Type-R

I can write about Honda’s latest and greatest turbocharged performance hatchback till the proverbial cows come home. True, I’ve made a video or two. But it never hurts to take a second serious look at 2018 Civic Type-R. The attached video captures the essence that is Honda Civic Type-R.


Truthfully, I couldn’t tell you by looking at You Tube newcomer AutoShowTV ‘s walkaround video, rather or not this dealership debut of a fresh out of raps factory street racer is the just dealership arrived 2018 rendition, or the more likely 2017 model. Either way, the visual presented here is compelling, thought provoking, and more than a bit inspiring.

Now that the unbridled just-of-the ship dealership price speculation subsides a tad with the announced arrival of the carried over 2018 model, perhaps Honda motorsport enthusiasts can get down to the probability of actually purchasing a Civic type-R. Torque news first experienced Civic Type-R here.

I’m liking the music, and the slow walk around of Civic Type-R is decent enough

Our friend and Torque News publisher Armen reaches into his internet bag of tricks and pulls out a pretty decent walk around of what is quickly becoming the go to car for North America hot hatch enthusiasts. The factory race specified Civic Type-R can’t be beat for outstanding standard feature value, and simplicity of online build and purchase platform what you see is what you get, there’s one available no-option trim level.

On the performance side of Civic Type-R, consumers discover an exceptionally refined factory built, street legal, track ready 4 door hatchback of surprising refinement and ride comfort. You can sell you better half on this hot hatch. One ride will do it, a drive experience, even more convincing.


Most likely up for North American Car of the Year honors, Civic Type-R world car, is the first Civic to wear the Type-R designation. I spend a week in seat of Type-R on the road to the Redwoods.

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