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Honda Subcompact HR-V Crossover Continues to Break Sales Records

Once again, as consumers turn to long-term not-so-big utility and do-anything capability, the Honda Fit platformed coupe-looking 2017 HR-V drives out of May with yet another month over month double digit sales uptick. What makes HR-V such a driving bargain?

With 9,532 HR-V’s sold in May, you’re bound to see more of them driving the streets of America. Built in Mexico on Honda’s subcompact world platform, 2017 HR-V is not only affordable, but is one of the very few normally aspirated, non-hybrid, hatchbacks available in North America with an available AWD (all-wheel-drive) option. And believe me, it works!

We first met HR-V on the streets and bottoms of Miami, Florida

I believe that was the better part of 3 year ago. At that time I sat down with American Honda’s head man Jeff Conrad. He had a vision for HR-V, and was dead on the money as to the market’s acceptance of what was at that time, a very bold roll of the dice for Honda -- essentially answering demand for the coupe-looking compact crossover 2 years before its time. Torque News drives Honda HR-V through the vineyards and beyond.

Not the most powerful offering in the segment, but then again…

There’s much more to Honda HR-V than horsepower and torque figures. I compared HR-V to Mazda CX3 back in 2016. And while the Mazda was perhaps a bit “sportier,” HR-V won the competition with superior 2nd row transformer-like hauling platform capacity, and overall drive and ride comfort. 2017 Honda CR-V sells well because it offers the best standard feature rich package for the dollar spent -- no surprises here, what you see, is what you get.

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