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Honda Motors comments on greatest safety recall in automotive history

With 11 major brands and 100 million cars or so impacted by the greatest safety recall in automotive history, and well over 8 million recalled cars repaired by one maker, Honda would like to share a thought or two with you.

Granted, while I’m gratefully not one of the unfortunate few injured by a defective airbag deployment, as an autophile, consumer, reporter, and yes, Honda fan, I tip my hat to the extraordinary effort Honda and other manufacturers unwittingly embroiled in what has become the greatest safety recall in automotive history, continue to do in an effort to promote and in effect, insure public safety.

Yes, there have been other major safety recalls, with included vehicles reaching into the millions. Ford LTD of the 1970s comes to mind, faulty brakes, fuel systems, and near autonomous co-pilot systems, are all subject to a long-wear or new development glitch now and then.

When we build a perfect car…

Today’s automobile, thanks to the genuine concern and positive intent of countless safety engineers, are the safest in automotive history. Honda Motor Company, and all makers for that matter, due to federal mandate, but more so, a quest for near-ZERO auto-related injury and death, work tirelessly to develop and produce personal transportation that not only isolates the driver and passengers from the impact of collision, but in effect, through today’s advanced accident avoidance technology, reduces not only the occasion of incident, but protects others in the path of the car, pedestrians, animals, bicycles, etc.

A truly amazing accomplishment in a day of unprecedented traffic congestion

The Takata airbag debacle is an unprecedented event in itself. A sad event that frankly was not anticipated by any automaker, or, most likely, Takata. Regardless, the automotive industry and public safety has stepped up to the task at hand, and continues to reach out to car owners possibly at risk, to the point of locating and destroying cars left as bone-yard salvage. Honda has gained ground on its quest to not only right this wrong, but to seek Honda owners, either unaware of this action, or, who are unwilling to come forward for the fix, for whatever reason.

Here's Honda’s latest Takata comment: “Our perspective: Unprecedented recall, unprecedented effort.”

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