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Honda Civic Type R not included in 2015 roadside assistance program

We have been asked the question by our readers: Will North America’s number one selling compact sedan, the Civic, be included in Honda’s roadside assistance program? Torque News Honda takes a closer look.

In Honda’s Wednesday announcement of the standard feature roadside assistance program for 2015 model Honda cars and light trucks, the original Japan based North American auto manufacturer was pretty clear as to their collective intent.

According to the news release, “all” 2015 Honda models and variants will come off of the showroom floor with a 3 year, 36,000 mile limited roadside assistance policy. Good enough, that seems clear enough Honda. However, the fact that the 2015 Fit and Pilot will be the first to sport the new standard feature has raised a concern or two with our readers, and here’s why.

So, why isn’t Civic included in the roadside assist program roll out?

Honda has been plagued with a rash of Odyssey recalls of late. most off-course pertain to pre 2014 models and are not major in actuality or implication. However, if the trend continued, a roadside assistance program including towing services would be helpful. We view the program as an extension of Honda’s client ‘safety first philosophy’ as implemented by its founder.

We note that Honda’s near future roadside assist program, while providing jumpstarts and tire changing services, does not include towing services.

However, there is a provision in the policy for the mother company paying up to $300 in related charges.

The Fit on the other hand remains trouble free and from what we know recall resilient to date. So why a roadside assist for a car that’s being groomed as the near future best selling micro car in in North America?

looking to the Fit we find a tech-rich car sitting in the most competitive segment in the industry. With Nissan, Kia and Toyota nipping at your heals, added value will make or break the Mexican built Fit in North America. Then there’s that ‘Hocho in Mexico’ thing.

While Mexico remains a part of North America at corporate headquarters, Canadian and the U.S. buyers will retain a wait and see attitude, as the 2015 Fit and new HR-V crossover performs through its first year.

We believe that a free roadside assist program may settle a stomach or two at the dealership negotiations table. While the Fit may be one of the best selling 5 door hatches in the world, to date Fits sold in North America are manufactured in Japan. Japan retains and preserves a legacy of quality, low maintenance mechanics and stellar fit and finish standards.

So, what about my 2015 Honda Civic type R ?

First of all camper, you won’t see a Civic Type R sold in North America. but if you did, Honda tells us that it and all Honda cars and trucks will be covered by a roadside assistance program, free of charge for 3 years 36 months. All Honda cars and light trucks.

Yes, your Honda Civic coupe or sedan in any and all variants will come standard with a comprehensive and very usable roadside assist program.

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Karen Hudson (not verified)    June 28, 2014 - 4:00AM

I'm pissed!! Why can't we have the Type-R? I'm going to sell my Hondas and buy a Mini. I'm bored with Honda!!!