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2014 Honda Civic offers greatest new car purchase value

$20,000 or less seems to be the magic ‘go to number’ for most car Buyers in North America today. It’s that $300 or less monthly car payment that we’re looking for on our quest for affordability of ownership. Torque News has found the answer.


Dealership sales hype. We’ve all heard the guy or gal on the television or radio blasting the message, if you have a job making $350 or more per week, we can find you financing.

Unfortunately that’s a reality for the majority of young and many senior car buyers in today’s economy. The average worker, many of them over- qualified and underemployed, can’t afford today’s $30,000 premium + automobile.

The realities of living in the “ new economy.” After covering the rent or house payment, food , fuel, insurance and the escalating cost of living, dedicating 25% of one’s net wages to a car payment can be most daunting. Most folks are fortunate enough to find a pocketful of change at the end of the month, much less a major car payment. The average cost of owning a car in North America often exceeds $6,000 per year; when we take depreciation, maintenance and repairs into account.

How much cash you got Son? I have an ongoing friendly argument with my young associate Luke, that most Americans working today can’t afford a Hybrid as demonstrated by the 2014 Accord, or a plug in electric Civic, Fit or Tesla “ S.” Luke contends that tax rebates and manufacturer’s purchase incentives more than make up for an msrp north of $30,000. I don’t think so.

I’m a Honda guy and have been since last century.While you can purchase a Chevy,Kia, Hyundai,Nissan and Scion for less than the initial msrp of a Honda Fit or Civic, according to Kelley Blue Book and others, when we look to depreciation and the low cost of ownership, Honda represents the greatest value found in a sub- compact or midsize car today.

How much Honda can I buy for under $20,000?

2014 Fit: Well, you have a few choices…The least expensive Honda in North America is the 2014 Fit. This 5 door hatchback offers versatility and a transformable interior design second to none in its segment. You can purchase a well equipped entry level 2014 Fit for $15,425 + destination charges and applicable tax. The Fit, while a bit underpowered by some standards, offers seating for 5, 57 cubic ft of interior cargo volume, decent handling and braking.

The gas variant claims an average mpg of 35 combined mpg. Yes, the Fit is offered in an EV verient, but is limited in availability and is a “ lease only” vehicle, with no option to purchase at the end of lease.

2014 Civic Sedan: The best selling, highest residual resale value car in North America is the Honda Civic.

Built in North America since 1982, Civic is American as mom and apple pie.
What we like about the car is its exterior styling, high quality interior fit and finish and standard features. You can purchase a well equipped Civic LX for $18,390 + destination and applicable sales tax, drive it for 5 years, and get 60% of your money back at time of resale.
No other car in the industry can touch the resale value of Honda Civic.

Hybrid? For those looking for a great value in an affordable Hybrid, we recommend the discontinued Honda Insight. This car is being discontinued in North America due to lackluster sales.

Manufactured in Japan, the Insight is known for trouble-free operation and quality.

They’re not tire burners, but offer a solid 40+ mpg in the city and reports of that or higher on the Freeway. If you shop around you can find a closeout deal on a 2013 or 2014 Insight for under $19,000. This makes Insight the most affordable Hybrid in North America.

We believe that with a minimal down payment, Honda financing at .09% and 60 month terms, any of the Honda products listed above come in as an exceptional value in today’s automotive market. Looking to the highest residue value in the industry, the Honda Civic presents the greatest value in affordable, trouble-free car ownership.