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2015 Honda Fit sets industry standard, inclusive roadside assistance feature

The marketing department at American Honda Motors just gave you another reason to make Honda Fit and Odyssey # 1 in segment sales for 2015. These 2 Hondas will come standard with comprehensive roadside assistance feature.

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Infact, all 2015 Honda cars and trucks will now come standard with an extended roadside assistance coverage. With this brilliant marketing move, Honda insures that Fit will be a bestseller in North America.

Wednesday morning coffee was served with the news that all 2015 Honda cars and light trucks will now be equipped with standard roadside assistance. While other manufacturers may offer similar comprehensive assistance packages, you will be hard pressed to find better coverage for the price. Free

With the purchase of your 2015 Accord, Civic, Fit or any model in the Honda lineup comes a 3 year, 36,000 roadside assistance program. looking to the fine points or the deal, Torque News-Honda finds an AAA- like roadside assistance program.

You may look at the details here, but the bottomline is that in the case of a dead battery, flat tire, lock-out, lack of gas or mechanical failure, Honda will pick up the tab on roadside assist.

Honda will also cover up to $300 in incurred cost during the first 3 days of a related mechanical failure, theft recovery, etc. The program will be accessed through a 24/7 toll free telephone number anywhere in the United States, Puerto Rico or Canada.

We believe that when combining the 2015 Civic and Fit standard safety and crash avoidance features, On-Star like touchscreen interface and roadside assistance feature, Honda will yet again be the highest safety rated vehicle for 2015.

In a very competitive entry -level segment, Honda has once again raised the benchmark for added value by increasing standard features. As it is, Honda Civic and Accord enjoy the highest residual resale value in the industry due to ownership loyalty and exceptional reliability.

Honda takes this legacy to a new level with inclusive roadside assistance program. Adding peace of mind to award winning service and reliability is nothing short of marketing genius.

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Kramer (not verified)    October 10, 2014 - 1:08AM

We have used the roadside assistance twice this week on our brand new 2015 Honda Fit.

Unfortunately, the car had a defective battery from the factory.

I'm a little concerned now with other potential quality control issues as this is being assembled in a new factory.

Do you have reports of other mechanical failures or defects on the 2015 Honda Fit.

This is very disappointing, especially for a brand new vehicle. When I contacted the dealer about what would drain the battery like that - they said we probably left a door ajar and the interior lights were left on. Clearly this wasn't the case.