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2015 Honda Fit sets auto industry benchmark

Shadowing the body lines of the European Civic, the 2015 Fit will return Honda to its hatchback roots, while setting a new benchmark for the sub-compact class.

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Honda invented the reliable sub-compact class with the introduction of the Civic back in 1972. The original Civic was a 2 door coupe followed by the introduction of a hatchback model 6 months later.

What was new here was a reliable Japanese manufactured hatch that emulated the attributes of the much loved but glitchy Morris Minor Mini Cooper.

We’ve had many readers express disdain bordering on a mourner’s loss for the Civic hatchback of yesteryear and an “R” type that will most likely never grace the shores of North America.

Today, Civic is America’s most popular sub-compact car with the 2015 Honda Fit positioned to follow suite April 14.

On Honda’s Wednesday announcement of the pending release date of the much improved 2015 Honda Fit, fans wax poetic as a measurably more powerful and roomier 5 door hatch hits the dealership floor, at a mere $100 over last year’s model.

What can we say? Never a big fan of the boxy demure Fit, Torque News is impressed by the current evolution of the small utility and its value-added, tech-driven, maximization of interior space. And, yes, we like the new aerodynamic look of the Fit, larger rims, tires and just enough bling to bring the Fit out of the dregs.

Shadowing the body lines of the European Civic, the 2015 Fit will return Honda to its hatchback roots.

2015 Fit offers the greatest interior volume in its class, improved road handling, fuel economy and style.

Through a combination of center fuel tank placement and what Honda refers to as a “Magic Seat,“ the 2015 Fit offers an additional 4.9 cubic feet interior volume while allowing the placement of tall and long cargo through the Fit’s rear hatch.

When not utilized for hauling bicycles, groceries and surfboards (short) with the rear seating in the bench position, Fit can accommodate 5 adults in relative comfort and do so with new found style and grace.

Looking to the specification sheet we find that Honda engineering has completely redesigned the engine, chassis, drive train, suspension and aerodynamic attributes of the 2015 Fit. The end result of these changes will be better handling and road control, less body sway and over steer. In other words, a measurable increase in driving pleasure.

Looking to the numbers: A well equipped LX (basic) comes standard with the much improved “Earth Dreams” 1.5 Liter DOHC 4 Cylinder Engine with a close ratio 6 speed manual transmission. This variant produces 130 peak horsepower and a very usable torque rating of 114 ft-lb. @ 4600 rpm; Ample power for a sub-compact utility tipping the scales at 2500 lbs.

We believe that Fit returns Honda to the days of an affordable, compact car with adequate power to weight ratio.

Honda’s very transparent as to standard features and optional upgrades. Their online shopping tools are the best in the industry.

For those wanting a bit more, the Fit is available in six variants, with the top of the line EX-L CVT with navigation sporting a MSRP of $20,800. The fully loaded 2015 Fit will set the bar at a new height for a tech-rich, family friendly, intuitively designed, personal transportation mode for a new generation of Eco- conscious consumers.

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