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2015 Honda Fit sets new industry benchmark for small car value

As demonstrated today at NAIAS Detroit, no one does what Honda does with small cars. With the 2015 Fit, Honda jumps light years ahead with a transforming hatchback that leaves the balance of the small car sector in the dust of re-invention.

The 2015 Fit sets the industry benchmark for the small car segment as to advanced engine management, personal electronic interface, aesthetically pleasing automotive design and flexible utility; in a fun to drive not so mini hatchback.

No doubt about it, Honda has once again succeeding in raising the bar as to value for your dollar spent in the small car segment. This entry level Honda comes with features adapted from the 2014 Civic and Accord. Personal communication interface, 7” touch screen dash monitor, hill assist and collision warning, all included as standard equipment.

The 2015 Fit will lead the industry as the next best selling small car in North America.

While Honda’s NAIAS Detroit Auto show presentation specifically targeted Millennials ( buyers born after 1990,) we believe that all consumers interested in a high quality, good looking small car, offering exceptional fuel economy and personal electronic interface, will find interest in the 2015 Fit.

It’s everything Honda promised and more. The North American manufactured Fit features a more powerful 1.5 liter direct fuel injected “Earth Dreams” i-4 cylinder mated to a close ratio 6 speed manual or E-CVT automatic transmission. The bodyline has been dramatically transformed reducing the “boxiness” of the Fit while adding a dynamic hardline/ organic meld.

We especially appreciate the hatchback taillight integration and forward thinking Civic Coupe like nose treatment.

Honda has upgraded the interior with greater noise dampening, softer fabrics and finishes. The dash, instrument cluster is well placed, the fit and finish? Quality Honda...

With improved ride, road handling manners, upgraded alloyed rims and 16” tires, the newest Fit will be a pleasure to drive.

While not as efficient as the Japan only Hybrid, the gasoline fueled Fit does produce greater horsepower and torque while sipping gasoline. And, at the anticipated base msrp of $15,800 or so, a great automotive value.

The 2015 Fit CVT edition is rated at 33/41/36 mpg on regular unleaded gasoline. Which translates to less than $10 per day fuel cost for the average commuter.

According to Honda’s Executive V.P. of sales John Mendel, the new Fit while being 1.5 inches shorter than the 2014 model, features an effectively larger interior. Offering 52.7 c.ft. of cargo space and 5” greater legroom for rear seat passengers, the Fit now competes directly with the Toyota Prius”C” for interior flex-space utility at a lower price.

As announced here at Torque News, the newest evolution of the Fit went on sale in Japan for 2014 last year. The car is now Japan’s number one selling small car.

Our research indicates that the 2015 Honda Fit scheduled for a 2014 mid-year release for North America will join the Civic and Accord as the top selling small cars in the U.S and Canada.