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ASIMO to introduce 2015 Honda Fit New York International Auto Show

What does ASIMO and Honda Fit have in common? Voice command interface, great agility and Honda engineering. We believe that ASIMO will introduce the 2015 Fit to New York.

Honda American Motors has turned up its Fit campaign. The soon to be best selling 5 door hatchback will make yet another appearance, at the New York International Auto Show, April 17, 2015.

Looking to Honda’s floor schedule, we find that ASIMO the humanoid (looking) robot will also appear in New York on April 17. Could it be that ASIMO will introduce FIT and North America’s rendition of Honda’s Vezel to the Big Apple? We believe so.

As earlier reported by Torque News, the much improved Honda Fit will go on sale in North America, mid April.

Offering 11% greater horsepower, 6.8% more torque, larger interior and updated European Civic Like lines, Japan’s best selling micro is coming to North America on a mission, to become the best selling subcompact hatchback in the history of American Honda Motors. And is doing so for a mere $100 more than the current 2014 Honda Fit.

To date over 4 million Honda Fits have been sold world wide.

Last week Honda announced the release date for the Fit, pricing and options available. We believe that Fit will overtake Civic as the best selling entry-level subcompact in the U.S. and Canada.

Fit will experience exponential growth in North American exports, shiped from Honda’s Celaya, Mexico transmission and automotive manufacturing and assembly plant.

Also to appear in New York, is the yet to be name North American variant of the much heralded Japan manufactured Vezel crossover.

Manufactured in Celaya, Mexico, the Vezel will offer coupe-like interior and handling characteristics while offering the utility of all-wheel drive. Our readers have expressed excitement with the pending appearance of Vezel and look forward to its release mid-year 2015.

As to ASIMO: No, you can’t buy one. As earlier reported at Torque News, the 4’2” robot tips the scales at 130 lbs, talks, walks, runs and jumps. It also has the ability to avoid oncoming people and obstacles while recognizing human and inanimate objects.

With 20 or so ASIMO’s populating the planet, Honda has priced the world's most advanced human form-like robot at a bit under $1 million. While we’re assured that production would pull the price down a bit, it hasn’t happened as of yet.

None the less, Look for ASIMO, Fit and Vezel to appear at the New York International Car Show April 17, 2015. See you there.