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Honda’s ASIMO meets Live’s Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan April 15

We’ve been watching the development of Honda’s ASIMO robot for 14 years and must ask; why hasn’t a version of this marvel been released for limited production?


Much has changed in the world of electronics and what was once referred to as Animatronics. Back in the day of Walt Disney and the production of “it’s a small world,” “ Pirates of the Caribbean,” and “Bear Mountain,” primitive, but none the less, computerized, program controlled, and hydraulically actuated robotics animated the stars of the show.

Big difference: Walt’s toys didn’t walk and talk while carrying a beverage

Through countless hours of R&D and advances made in the development of semiconductors, relays and miniaturized motors, Honda research has developed what is arguably the finest example of a human-like robot. While arguably limited as to agility and mobility speed, ASIMO development is approaching human capability.

Built by hand in Honda’s Robotics R&D center Japan, according to Honda a mere 20 ASIMO robots populate the planet. At an estimated cost of just a smidge under $1 million per unit, you’re not going to find ASIMO at your neighbor’s party serving drinks anytime soon.

However, a handful of ASIMO robots are performing greeting duties at IBM in Tokyo. The reported monthly lease charge for ASIMO is $150,000.

ASIMO is part of Honda’s assisted mobility program and is being developed as a “helper” for humans experiencing limited mobility.

Watch for ASIMO on the morning show “Live” with hosts Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan, April 15.