Honda Civic Type-R Arrives State Side Spring 2017

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Short of stating the exact date of arrival for the all-new world-platform manufactured in England Civic Type-R, American Honda’s Sage Marie shared a factoid or two Tuesday in Geneva with attending auto journalist as to the specs, and arrival date, of the much anticipated Civic Type-R. We look for Type R to arrive state side in the late Spring 2017.

For Honda Automotive performance junkies, the reinvented and much improved Civic Type-R comes as close to a brand manufactured race car as U.S. federal safety mandates will allow. Last year we spent some time with one of several concepts circulating the world auto show circuits over the past three years or so, loved it! Much to the joy of Civic Type-R aficionados, what we see proudly revealed in Geneva Tuesday, is what will land on the shores of North America this Spring 2017. For the rest of us, Civic Si.

306 Horsepower, front-wheel-drive, super-rigid, and reasonably priced for a factory fab super-hatch

Although we don’t know the final dealership availability date, or estimated MSRP, Honda went on a ledge today and announced a late spring arrival to the U.S., with an estimated MSRP in the mid $30,000 price range. While that information remains car-show-reveal-vague, the announced price-point fares well in a high performance-hatch segment, dominated in the U.S. by Ford, Subaru, and Volkswagen Golf G.T.. I believe you can find 200+ horsepower in this family sport-hatch.

Honda’s performance hatchback, although not available in all-wheel-drive, out powers all of he aforementioned, and thanks to measurably increased frame rigidity, a reinvented front suspension, and class leading hydraulic damping lifted from the all new 10th generation 2017 Civic, according to American Honda, torque-steer been reduced to negligible.

$35,000, 160 MPH Civic super-hatch

Allow me to jump out on a ledge here: 2017 Honda Civic Type-R will be as rare as hens teeth in the U.S., with the fortunate few recipients of the manually shifted, race tuned super-hatch, paying a premium for the inevitably “sold-out” first production run. That’s the nature of the performance car game, 2017 Honda Type-R will not be the exception to the rules. Nonetheless, I look forward to driving one.2017_Honda_Civic_Type-R _Euro

A word from American Honda Motors Jeff Conrad

"The fastest, most powerful Honda ever sold in America, the Type R caps off the incredible success story of our 10th generation Civic lineup," said Jeff Conrad, senior vice president & general manager of the Honda Division, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. "We're happy to inform our U.S. enthusiasts that the long wait for the forbidden fruit of Honda Type R performance is nearly over!"

The new Civic Type R, sharing the body style of the 5-door hatchback variant of the tenth-generation global Honda Civic platform, will be powered by a U.S.-built 2.0-liter DOHC, direct-injected and turbocharged i-VTEC inline 4-cylinder engine with peak ratings of 306 horsepower at 6,500 rpm and 295 lb.-ft. of torque from 2,500 to 4,500 rpm. 2.0 Liter Turbocharged 4-Cylinder i-VTEC Engine


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