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2017 Honda Accord Sport: 189 hp, 6 speed manual takes on Los Angeles traffic

Yes, you can purchase Honda’s Accord Sport trim package equipped with a CVT automatic transmission and wheel mounted paddle shifting. But for hands-on-shift control, I prefer Honda’s stunningly good 6 speed manual transmission. Here’s why.

Granted, I’m an old school Honda fan, and 2017 Honda Accord Sport when equipped with a manual transmission returns me to my Honda glory days. Its 2.4 Liter SOHC 16 valve direct injected 4 cylinder i-VTEC engine is surprisingly responsive, torquey, yet fuel efficient. This car proves that 189 horsepower when properly directed to the road is plenty of power for maneuvering in and out of Los Angeles traffic. Want a V6? Check out the exceptional Accord V6 coupe here.

2017 Honda Accord Sport looks great, sounds cool

Thanks to Civic Sport’s dual exhaust, and relatively high revline, those wonderful i-VTEC 4-cylinder exhaust tones of Honda’s past, emerge from time to time, as one effortlessly searches for that torque sweet spot. Thanks to one of if not, the finest close-throw 6-speed manual transmissions on the market today., this $24,550 Accord Sport is a blast to drive.Honda_Accord_Sport

Our 2017 Honda Accord Sport looks stunning in 19 inch alloy wheels and Murano Red paint

There’s something about a well appointed 4-door sport sedan that not only captures the eye, but justifies a mild performance car purchase for a family man. A sedan brings sensibility, utility, and driving comfort to what was at one time a painful compromising proposition.

For 2017, Honda engineering improves on a very well standard equipped Accord LX, adds a 19 inch wheel package, leather covered steering wheel, accented seating surfaces, stainless steel perforated shoe scuff plate, brake and gas pedals, brushed metal accents, a bit of body trim bling, and a pretty decent stereo system.

The Accord Sport handles transitional L.A. traffic rush hour effortlessly

It’s a jungle out there! Easing into the very comfortable cloth covered 12-way power adjusted driver's seat of our red on black Accord Sport Sedan, I released the parking brake, depressed the very low foot pressure clutch, and slid the very fluid yet precise 6-speed manual transmission into first gear -- there were 5 more to go. Frankly, I never found the top of 6th gear, or 5th for that matter.

Yet, 80 mph crept up on me with the blink of an eye. I quickly forgot that I was piloting a 4-cylinder powered car; as manual shifting became second nature. Weaving in and out of transitional stop and go freeway traffic, I noted the 911 Porsche running in the left lane, as 2 motorcycles blasted up the median to my right. -- I’d returned to my element, as the Accord Sport handled and braked flawlessly. I wanted one! How did Honda engineering come up with this exceptional combination sense and sensibility? This Accord was 40 years in the making, and it showed! This is a not so basic Accord personified.

Sometimes, simple is more than good enough. Such is the case with 2017 Accord Sport Honda_Accord_Sport_Dash

What you won’t find in Accord Sport is dash integrated navigation, or an extensive suite of active safety features. Yet, for the dollar spent, Accord Sport presents a very good looking Accord with measurable sport tendencies. I like it!

What I like: Base MSRP, power adjusted driver’s seat, responsive 4-cylinder gasoline engine, idiot proof 6-speed manual transmission, decent road handling characteristics, and 26 city/ 34 highway msrp.

What I’d change: Perhaps a shorter 5th and 6th gear final gear ratio, power adjusted passenger front seat, expanded active safety feature options.

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