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Chevrolet Teases Equinox LT, Shows Off Interior

The Equinox EV is shaping up to be a key offering for Chevrolet when it makes its debut alongside the Blazer EV SUV and several new images appear to shine a spotlight on what's in store for lower-grade models.


The Chevrolet Equinox EV is supposed to be the model that helps move the Ultium platform to the mainstream consumer with Chevrolet working around the clock to make sure this game-changing model is everything that a wider range of consumers wants. While Chevrolet has elected to release teaser renderings versus traditional pictures they were mostly of the RS model with the lower trims being in the shadows. That's gradually changing thanks to new images of the interior of an LT model.

Tech Filled Interior A Big Departure From Current Equinox
Equinox EV storage bin

The images released by Chevrolet are renderings again, but they show the interior of an LT model which would be the bread and butter of the Equinox lineup. When viewed against an ICE equivalent, the differences are staggering. The center stack in the rendering features a large infotainment screen that appears to be a copy of the screen in the Silverado EV with the screen even retaining the same volume control knob.

The lack of a traditional shifter suggests that the Equinox EV will have a push-button style setup with a large space underneath to help stow away large items. It also appears that Chevrolet will retain analog controls for the climate and radio controls which is a big relief, especially as other EV models have controversially focused on making these functions touch-based versus using analog buttons and dials.

LT Will Make Up Second Wave Of Equinox EV Models
Equinox EV backlighting

Chevrolet has not revealed when the LT variant will make its way to consumers but it's safe to assume that the LT will be part of the second wave of Equinox models when they make their way to dealerships. Chevrolet plans to start things off with the Equinox RS with that model slated to make its way to dealerships in the fall of 2023 where it will serve as the eventual range-topper in the family.

Look for the LT to appear after that possibly in 2024 or 2025 where it will be the bread and butter model of the lineup though it remains to be seen how much Chevrolet will ask for it when it goes on sale.