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Tesla Sells Nearly 3x All Other Automakers COMBINED in California - How Fast Is Tesla Growing?

We see that Tesla is selling nearly 3x the volume of EVs than all other EV automakers combined in California, a big EV market. How fast is Tesla growing?


Tesla selling EVs in California

California is a very large U.S. state and Tesla is selling 2.6x the amount of EVs there than all the other auto makers combined. This includes Rivian, Lucid, Ford, GM, and all others.

California is a good indicator for the status of the EV market. If Tesla is doing well there, chances are, they will continue to do well elsewhere.

One Twitter user even posted that it seems about one in four cars is a Tesla in Orange County alone and hopes that Tesla will come out with a new model look soon as all the cars look exactly the same. People are having to use license plates to find their car!

Tesla was able to do this due to the rise of the Model Y and Model 3 vehicles which allowed it to find a price point that was more mass market. As Tesla continues to make its vehicles and offer a generation 3 cheaper model, like the Model 2 compact car, they will sell even more and have a bigger market.

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How fast is Tesla growing?

There were 292,496 EVs in California last year, with Tesla selling 212,586 of those - about 72.6% of them - which was a 60% jump from 2021. This was from data released by the State of California Energy Commision.

When you add up the EV sales of all other auto makers, you get about 79,910, which is a number that is about 15,000 behind the top selling EV in California, the Model 3.

Other EV makers have their work cut out for them in order to catch Tesla. They are going to have to match Tesla in price, features, performance, functionality, software, and service. Tesla has already done so much to improve in all these areas and has reached volume production, giving them economies of scale and lower prices.

In 2022, 94,683 Model 3 vehicles were sold in California just 811, units ahead of the Model Y in second place. Even though tye come with higher price tags than other EVs on the list, like the GM Bolt, the Model X and Model S also outsold all other EVs in the state coming in third and fourth.

EVs were about 15.9% of all new vehicle sales in California, a new record.

What do you think of Tesla's success in California? Will it continue?

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