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Cybertruck Gets Patent for Windshield - It Can Do What No Other Windshield Can

We see some images and an update of the Cybertruck with a patent for the windshield to do things no current windshield can.


Cybertruck Patent for Windshield

Tesla's Cybertruck has a patent for the windshield to let it do things that no current windshield technology can do. This includes the ability to bend like no other glass or windshield presently can.

The Cybertruck is a unique vehicle. It will have Cybertruck features">post-apocalyptic features, according to Elon Musk.

The reason the Cybertruck is getting this patent is that the whole design behind the windshield is a radical change from the current designs that have been done for decades. Tesla believes it can break this cycle with something truly unique.

When the Cybertruck was unveiled, a steel ball was thrown at the driver side door window, causing it to break and crack. It was supposed to have an armor-like glass - but at this time, it did not.

The Tesla Glass division is working on developing new types of glass for all of Tesla's product, but especially the Cybertruck. Its armor glass consists of strong glass and polymer-layered composite, which can absorb and redirect impact force for improved performance and damage tolerance.

Glassmaking procedures are generally limited by the amount of curvature or bending achievable with the glass. Tesla's new process will allow for forming an automotive glass structure with curves and bends using localized heat.

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Other Patents for the Cybertruck

There are a number of visible areas the Cybertruck shows with the announcement of this patent. The windshield is certainly one, but the glass roof area is another, along with the dashboard of the interior of the vehicle.

This type of glass could be useful for Tesla's vehicle after the Cybertruck, the generation or Model 3 vehicle - or the Robotaxi vehicle - especially if it is cheaper to manufacture.

This application has supposedly been seen before. However, we feel that reporting on it is useful as it seems to be circulating around again, perhaps signifying that the Cybertruck is getting close to its production stage.

One particular user who commented on this patent said that they have experience with a variety of devices made of "sapphire glass" and while strong, there are day to day experience that can crack it. Scratches aren't a problem, but the harder the glass - the easier to break.

With my Model 3 RWD, I had a rock hit the windshield causing a very minor chip in the windshield - not enough to crack it, thankfully. The windshield held up very well.

What do you think of this windshield patent? Is it old news - or is it relevant today and the Cybertruck getting ready for its production release?

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