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The Battery Show 2012 to return to Detroit with expansion

On the heels of a successful second year, The Battery Show announced today that it will return to metro Detroit Nov. 13-15, 2012, with double the exhibition hall space, and a brand new exhibition and conference on electric vehicle charging and infrastructure.


The Battery Show, as North America’s largest free-to-attend exhibition for advanced batteries, showcases the very latest battery technologies and solutions, ranging from electric vehicle applications to raw material suppliers. Its two-track business and technology conference examines battery market development and opportunities, including how technical advances are likely to impact performance, safety and cost.

This year’s show, held October 25-27 at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Mich., gathered more than 2,700 industry leaders and stakeholders for a 170-booth exhibition and two-track conference on battery business models and advanced battery technologies. Attendance almost doubled last year’s inaugural show in San Jose, Calif.

Given its success and the excitement surrounding the advanced battery industry, The Battery Show’s producer is planning for a much larger show next year, increasing showroom space to 129,000 sq. feet, accommodating up to twice the number of exhibitors.

One addition will be a new launch of the Charging Infrastructure Expo. This will also be a free-to-attend exhibition that will bring together utility companies, charging infrastructure suppliers, EV manufacturers and senior representatives from current and future charging station operators.

The Battery Show 2012 exhibition will again showcase the latest battery technologies for electric vehicles, utility storage, mobile power, personal electronics and healthcare applications.

“The success of the 2011 show proved that the battery industry is booming,” said Adam Moore, exhibition director. “Automotive OEM’s are demonstrating that the battery powered drivetrain is here for the long term; utility companies are touting that batteries are an effective solution for easing the natural intermittency of renewables; while portable device manufacturers are showcasing their ever-increasing power. Our exhibitors, delegates and visitors were amazed at the scale and value of the show; we see this as a reflection on the industry as a whole.”

Given the burgeoning advanced battery industry and the show’s expansion plans, it’s producer anticipates a significant increase in attendance next year. Already, more than 60 companies have signed on to exhibit, including Samsung SDI, LG Chem, Johnson Controls, Dow Energy Materials and ICC Nexergy. Exhibitors gain unique access to current and potential clients, and in a rapidly evolving industry, face time can make or break a business.

“The Battery Show was our most effective show all year, perhaps the best we’ve ever had,” said Laura Schacht, global marketing and strategic sales director, St. Louis, Mo.-based Bitrode, maker of battery formation and lab testing equipment. “The quality of the attendees, the professionalism of the exhibitors, and the overall program, including the top-notch industry experts, was exceptional.”

For more information on The Battery Show, visit . To secure 2012 sponsorships or booth space, email [email protected].

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