2011 DEER Conference

Evening 10/03 Update: 2011 DEER Conference at Detroit

Directions in Energy-Efficiency and Emissions Research (DEER) opened with ceremonies this morning. Torque News was on hand covering the first day of the event with live tweets, interviews, videos and article coverage of key presentations. And now read the evening update.

Unfortunately, the folks at DEER made an announcement whereby they would escort me off if I took any photos inside the ballroom. Their loss, as I merely took a few photos of the first few speakers, but I had asked permission. Not a good way to run a conference.

Directions in Energy-Efficiency and Emissions Research (DEER) 2011 is the 17th Conference which this year is in Detroit and will run October 3-6, 2011.

DEER brings together professionals in the engine community including engineers, scientists, academics, State and regional regulators, environmental researchers and nonprofit organizations.

This year’s event is at the Marriott in Detroit at Detroit’s Ren Cen.

At DEER 2011, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) will showcase its cooperatively funded R&D with its partners, national laboratories, the Nation's automotive transportation industry, universities, and other national and international organizations.

DEER fosters the exchange of information and best practices through presentations and posters from new and on-going engine R&D and networking with industry colleagues. The exhibit hall features more than 50 companies showcasing the latest innovations, products, and services. Attendees will be able to get hands-on experience with new technology and speak with experts from the leading companies in the industry.

Live coverage begins this morning.

9 a.m Report: This correspondent for TorqueNews.com is on station and will provide tweets and updates via this article format, to be followed by a complete report at the end of the day.

A continental breakfast at 7:00 a.m. was sponsored by Johnson Matthey. The Plenary Session: A View from the Bridge started at 8:30 a.m. and runs through noon. Panelists include speakers from U.S. Army TARDEC; Oak Ridge National Laboratory.; Navistar Inc.,; BP Products North America; General Motors Company.

Break will be sponsored by MAHLE Powertrain, and lunch will feature Cummins, Inc as featured speaker.

This afternoon I will attend High-Efficiency Engine Technologies, Part 1. In particular, I will meet with Dr. Oded Tour of Tour Engine to discuss further his presentation, Splitting the Cycle the Right Way: An Inherently Ultra-efficient, Low Emissions IC Engine. Stay tuned for more.

Evening Update

When the panel arrived at the front of the stage for Q&A, I expected to send a question or two. Well, it seems someone else beat me to it, with a direct question about the split-cycle engine technology. Little did I know it was Dr. Oded Tour of Tour Engine.

What I did hear, though, caught me by surprise. Alan Taub of GM said in so many words the split-cycle engine is still in the lab. I assumed he meant GM lab? Regardless, GM is trying to get to at least 50% efficiency. Well, Scuderi told me months ago they were already there.

Point is, this is the first time I have heard GM even mention split-cycle as a part of their studies. That is good news.

Most important is that an emotional point has been reached to achieve the social good, said Taub. In that he referred to the Volt propulsion.

I stayed til evening to see all the poster presentations, a 3 minute blurb on each of the 19 various displays by suppliers and inventors. That is when I ran into Dr. Oded Tour. His was number 19.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my next update, as I adress the coverage on IC engine technology for cars and trucks.
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Special thanks to the folks at Cummins for lunch and allowing me to take photos of their display. Also, thanks to GM folks for including me in their social conversations, despite my being a GM retiree.