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Cadillac Documents its Triumphant Return to Racing

Cadillac has created a feature film illustrating the Cadillac Racing team’s efforts to design and develop a winning race car. The film's release is timed to coincide with the lead up to the 24 Hours of Le Mans in June 2024.

The film is called “No Perfect Formula” and it captures Cadillac’s dramatic road back to competing in the world’s most iconic endurance race, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, in June 2023. Cadillac was out of the competition for two decades and became determined to not only compete but excel in the series. Cadillac uses a lot of its racing technology in its performance vehicles. As I have reported in the past, Cadillac’s V-Series vehicles rely heavily on Cadillac’s Racing program for technology and performance. Similarly, Chevrolet uses a lot of its racing technology on its high-performance Chevrolet Corvettes.

“For more than a century, racing has provided a testbed for Cadillac to transfer knowledge and technology between race cars and production vehicles, and a way to build a fanbase for the brand around the world,” said John Roth, Cadillac global vice president. “2023 was a pivotal year for Cadillac Racing, and ‘No Perfect Formula’ captures the emotion and celebrates what was a successful season for the team.”

Cadillac released a tease for the 90-minute film.

Cadillac Racing’s Steep Learning Curve

2023 saw Cadillac compete in different classes. Engineers proved they were able to adapt, building race cars with different propulsion systems, including a new hybrid. Cadillac kicked off a new era of sportscar racing with the Hypercar and GTP classes.  Cadillac set out to prove its V-Series.R, the third-generation prototype race car, could continue Cadillac’s legacy of success on the track. The debut of the LMDh racecar allowed Cadillac to return to the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The team was successful in the 2023 IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship and FIA World Endurance Championship seasons, and managed a podium finish in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and sweeping top championship honors in the inaugural IMSA Grand Touring Prototype season.

Cadillac plans to use what it learned from the racing team for its future EVs.

“As Cadillac moves to an electric future, the LMDh regulations offer a unique opportunity to gather key learnings from these advanced hybrid propulsion systems,” said Laura Wontrop Klauser, GM sports car program manager. “The Cadillac V-Series.R’s naturally aspirated 5.5L V-8 provides a familiar powertrain platform to work with, and the byproduct is an unmistakable sound that is instantly identifiable as a Cadillac, while enabling competitive performance on the track.”

Racing offers a unique platform to expand Cadillac’s expertise in areas including aerodynamics, manufacturing, and software. The improvements made for the track benefit Cadillac’s production vehicles and deliver outstanding performance for customers. Cadillac’s V-Series performance lineup is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2024. Vehicles like the Escalade-V and the 2025 CT5-V Blackwing, with 668 horsepower, bring what the team learned from the track to the road.

“We’re thrilled to share with our enthusiast audience Cadillac Racing’s position as a fixture in global sports car racing,” said Paul Rehrig, Hagerty president of media, marketing and membership.

“‘No Perfect Formula’ tells the behind-the-scenes story of how the Cadillac Racing team and their partners worked together, managed through challenges and ultimately persevered in the 2023 season,” said director J.F. Musial. “The name of the documentary is meant to reflect that there’s not just one way to get to the podium — as Cadillac proves, there’s no perfect strategy or one right way to win.”

How You Can Watch the Film

Cadillac made the documentary along with Samsung TV. “No Perfect Formula” premieres May 31, 2024, at 7 p.m. EST, on the Hagerty channel #1194 on the Samsung TV Plus app on Samsung Smart TVs, Galaxy Devices, and on the web. Global audiences can see the movie on Hagerty’s Facebook page. 

After its premiere, “No Perfect Formula” will run all night, as well as every Friday at 7 p.m. EST in the weeks leading up to the 2024 24 Hours of Le Mans on June 15–16.

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