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2011 Gratiot Cruise features community service organizations

The 2011 Gratiot Cruise in Clinton Township, Michigan was home to more than cars, hot rods and burnouts. Local organizations that support the community were present today to raise awareness of the many public services they provide.


Organizations representing Clinton Township included the Goodfellows, KIWANIS, Families Against Narcotics, and the Lions Club.

It was a feature that wasn’t there at last year’s event, especially on the west side of the boulevard. Normally, the crowd seems to gather more across the boulevard at the Moran Chevrolet dealership. This year, however, planners made a concerted effort to make the west side an attractive spot as well.

For the record, the Goodfellows president this year is David Dare. The organization's website is . One way you can help is to me a member, join committees or simply volunteer your time.

I found Clinton Valley Lions Club to be high in positve attitude. I found them to be a great bunch of people! Special thanks to John who wanted his team to share in the limelight for a photo and in the video.

The Families Against Narcotics really caught my attention. Fact is, narcotics is a major problem in society; and those who have family member witha drug problem need as much support as those with the addiction. Frankly, I have lost more friends in the past five years to cigarettes than anything else. I wonder if that is included. I should have asked.

I also bought a ticket for a 2012 GT Convertible Premium Black Mustang from the lady on Gratiot under the Dorian Ford tent. She represented National Musclular Sclerosis Society - Michigan Chapter. Drawing will be held at the Woodward Dream Cruise.

Frankly, I think some of the personnel in the booths were a bit surprised at the interest, especially by the auto media; and the web media at that. Of course, I live in Clinton Township, so this is one way that I can actually contribute with any meaning.

Here is a collection of the mini-interviews that I conducted:

As you can see and hear, the Gratiot Cruise is becoming as much a charity event as the infamous Harper Charity Cruise; at least the presence was there. Hopefully, the public will respond in a positive and meaningful manner.

Oftentimes we forget that people, like ourselves with jobs and families, spend many, many hours in serving the public through these fine organizations. They deserve our respect and as well as our appreciation; but the best way to help them is to contribute in any way possible your own support, be it time or money.

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For official Gratiot Cruise info, visit

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Anonymous (not verified)    August 8, 2011 - 4:20PM

Nice story! Thanks for your time and for the opportunity, (for your future reference KIWANIS is a word all by it self, like Kiwanis Club of Clinton Township. Come out any Wednesdy morning, 7:30 a.m. for a Breakfast Buffet @ J. Baldwin's and join us for for an hour or so meeting.