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Tesla Increases Range Of Model S, 3, X and Y

Tesla in an update to the online configurator has increased the range of almost all vehicles. This boost comes with the refreshed Model 3 going live on the website.

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Earlier in the day, we reported that Tesla in an update to the company’s online configurator has confirmed a comprehensive refresh to the Model 3.

The changes to the mid-sized sedan include increased range, better performance, a new center console, powered tailgate, and much more.

And now we are learning that the range increase includes almost all of Tesla’s vehicles. The versions getting the range boost are the Dual-Motor AWD Long Range and Performance Model Y, the Model X Long Range Dual Motor AWD, and the Model S Performance.

The Tesla Model X Long Range Plus Dual Motor AWD, which already had an impressive range of 351 miles, now gets a boost to 371 miles. The Performance variant of the SUV remains unchanged at 341 miles.

New Tesla Model Y

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As for the Model S, the record setting Long Range Plus version stays at 402 miles EPA estimated range. Recently Elon Musk cut the price of this version to $69,420. However, the performance version, which is the quickest accelerating production car, sees its range increase from 350 miles to 387 miles.

New Tesla Model S

As for the Model Y, the compact SUV hasn’t gotten a major refresh like its smaller brother. From what we can see in Tesla’s updated online configurator the changes seem limited to increase in range.

The Long Range version of the Model Y now boasts a 325-mile EPA estimated range up from 316-miles. And the Performance Model Y now has 303-miles EPA estimated range up from 291 miles.

New Tesla Model Y

Despite all the changes Tesla has kept the price of all the vehicles the same. This makes the value for money of the cars even more compelling.

Beyond what we see from the changes in the online configurator, Tesla hasn’t said anything about the changes to its cars. As a result, we don’t know why most of the versions get the range increase and some don’t. Or what changes Tesla implemented in the versions that get the change increase.

We will keep you posted if more details come out.

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