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Tesla May Be Preparing To Move Its Headquarters To Austin With Additional Land Purchase

Tesla has made some decisions and purchases that may imply that they are looking to move their headquarters to Austin in Texas.

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Terafactory Austin is Tesla's latest factory building project. Land clearing and preparation has already begun since earlier this year. This factory will be many orders of magnitude larger than the previous Gigafactories.

This gigantic production complex will produce Tesla Cybertrucks, the Tesla Semi, and more vehicle models. It will probably also house one or more of the new battery production lines.

The sheer size of this project will be its most impressive feat, occupying a surface area of what was originally 2100 acres. We now have new information from The Statesman that the EV company has bought an additional 381 acres of land for the facility.

The plan for Tera Texas
This new land Tesla has bought is located along Gilbert Road and to the northeast of the land already owned by Tesla.

It also seems to want to acquire even more land around the building site. That really puts into perspective the difference in scale between the Giga and Tera factory. Eventually, with such a large facility, it would seem very likely that Tesla will shift its administration there too. Elon Musk has said that he plans to make Tera Texas into an ecological paradise and factory.

Giga Nevada Is Much Smaller Than Tera Texas will be

Giga Nevada is much smaller than Tera Texas will be.

These terms may appear like opposites at first, but this is only because when we think of a factory, the first images that come to mind are large smoking chimneys and a very industrial-era looking building, but Tesla is taking on the goal of changing the perspective people have of factories altogether through this eco-adaptation of production.

Another reason Tesla is looking to move from its current headquarters in California is that Elon was disappointed with the state during the pandemic. Local authorities would not let Tesla restart production amid health concerns. That is why moving to Austin seems to be the most convenient and practical approach.

Texas Progress
Currently, Tera Texas is still in early building stages with the first concrete due to be poured within the next weeks. Once this factory is properly established it would even sound surprising to learn that Tesla is not moving its headquarters.

Tera Texas will be a very large and impressive structure, and one can only wonder what kind of production capacity it will bring. Will it produce more than Giga Berlin and Shanghai combined? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments.
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Armen Hareyan    September 26, 2020 - 4:01PM

Joe Tegtmeyer, who has been sharing Giga Texas videos with Torque News, just wrote me and said he doesn't know, but he wouldn't be surprised if Tesla moved its headquarters to Austin, TX. "As noted in the article, they may not be done purchasing even more land at some point. In the Battery day presentation, they said they were going to build a cathode plant … perhaps they intend to do so at Giga Texas as well? It sure is going to be a challenge to keep up with all of the changes and expansion here with a drone. I end up flying many miles a day already just trying to see everything that is new," he wrote.