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Guillaume Humbert a Torque News automotive journalist covering Tesla news. \"The way he first heard about Tesla was when he accidentally found a livestream of one of Tesla's cars back in 2018. It may sound boring, except this car was cruising in space. Since then Humbert has been following the EV automaker closely. Any of Tesla's innovations make the future look environmentally more friendly. \"I am now trying to share the hope Tesla spread and inspire others through my articles,\" says Humbert whom you can follow on Twitter at Thinking Enthusiast.

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Tesla Is Looking To Develop So-called Megachargers For Tesla Semi Trucks 2020-10-22 0
Tesla Cars Spotted Driving Through The Las Vegas Convention Center Boring Co Tunnel 2020-10-21 0
Tesla Considers Building A Battery Factory In Indonesia 2020-10-19 0
New Battery Recycling Plans From Tesla Co-Founder JB Straubel 2020-10-11 1
Tesla Opens Large Sustainably Powered Supercharger Station In Germany 2020-10-10 0
An Employee In Giga Fremont Is Fired After Sabotaging Part Of The Tesla Factory 2020-10-10 0
Elon Musk Reveals Plans For Berlin Battery Pack Integration In German Produced Teslas 2020-10-07 0
Tesla China Demand Is Higher Than Ever In Beijing After Model 3 Price Cuts 2020-10-05 1
Tesla Leaked Photo Shows China Map Updates Coming Online For Early Access Members 2020-10-03 7
German Chancellor Angela Merkel Satisfied With The Way Brandenburg Is Dealing With Tesla Giga Berlin 2020-10-02 0
Crazy Buying Reaction In China After The First Day Of Model 3 Price Reductions 2020-10-01 0
Tesla Is Bringing A Lithium Hydroxide Refinery To Tera Texas Making It The First Automaker To Start Lithium Refining 2020-09-29 2
Tesla China Is Growing At Lightning Speed With Very Large Amounts Of Infrastructure Being Built Weekly 2020-09-28 0
Tesla May Be Preparing To Move Its Headquarters To Austin With Additional Land Purchase 2020-09-26 2
Tesla Accuses Nikola of Copying Its Truck 2020-09-24 0
Tesla Battery Day Main Highlights 2020-09-22 2
Why Tesla Is So Popular Among The Youth 2020-09-22 1
Tesla Wants To Build A Research Center In India 2020-09-21 0
Tesla's Different Priced Options For Autopilot Come Into Effect 2020-09-19 1
Tesla To Release Improved Map To Early Access Program Members In China 2020-09-19 0
September 19 News / Topics 2020-09-19 5
Tesla Helps The UK Store Energy With Battery Megapacks 2020-09-18 0
Why The Tesla Community Is Wholesome For Most, But Toxic For Some 2020-09-16 0
Tesla's Latest China Improvements: Heat Pumps, Sales And Something More Than Smartwatches 2020-09-14 0
Tesla Giga Berlin Makes Preparations For Solar Power Installation 2020-09-12 3