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Tesla's Different Priced Options For Autopilot Come Into Effect

Today, Tesla's Autopilot price changes come into effect. Here are the details of what you can get.


Earlier this year, Tesla revealed that it would be diversifying the type of self-driving capability that a customer can obtain. You can now get three different categories of self-driving. We will be detailing the price of each one of these options and have a look into who can benefit the most from each one of them.


Going from least expensive to most expensive, we start off with the basic Autopilot option. This includes the ability to enable traffic-aware cruise control as well as Autosteer.

It costs three thousand dollars and is a good choice for anyone with a limited budget who still wants some form of self-driving. These are the kind of features that come in handy for drivers who use the highway or large roads a lot and want some basic automatic driving features although this option would be unfit for city dwellers since the features do not work in a city environment.

Enhanced Autopilot (EAP)
The second option is called Enhanced Autopilot. It provides the same capabilities as the basic Autopilot, but you also get four extra options. The Navigate on Autopilot feature, the auto lane-change feature, Autopark and Summon. You can get this version for four thousand dollars.

The Options For Autopilot Upgrade

This provides you with a good package that includes most of the Tesla self-driving features. This package is great for people living in the US, but it is still a little early for people living in Europe since some of these capabilities are not yet available there. Europeans will still be able to purchase this option once the self-driving has improved.

Full Self Driving Capability (FSD)

The final option is the Full Self Driving Capability. It comes with all the features from the previous packages plus traffic light and Stop sign control. This package is a lot more expensive than the Enhanced Autopilot with a cost of eight thousand dollars.

Why is it so much more expensive you may ask, the answer is that this package will also eventually include Autosteer on city streets. This extra will be a game-changer since it will allow people to commute through cities with no input at all. It will be exactly as the name describes: full self-driving.


It is difficult to say who should buy into this option, I would say it depends on how fast these features come out. In the long term, this should be the option that most people should choose though because with the Robotaxi program you could be able to financially recover and even profit off of this.

If you don't know what the Robotaxi program is, think of it like becoming an Uber driver except you don't need to drive the customers, the car drives them for you.

Agreed, this may sound a little too futuristic, but Tesla is moving fast and the data that they have to improve their self-driving is increasing rapidly. The more data they get the better the AI decisions become.

In conclusion, this update is a good thing since it breaks down options for customers. You will now be able to invest as much as you deem necessary or useful instead of having only one fixed price.

Which option would you pick depending on your current location and commute? Do you agree in saying that eventually, most people will buy into the FSD option? We are interested to hear your thoughts about this in the comments. Thank you for reading to the end.

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Paul Fosse    September 21, 2020 - 8:20AM

Good story but I have 2 points to add.

#1 The features you get with Enhanced Autopilot aren't very useful. Navigate on Autopilot is ok, I find auto lane change to be annoying, Summon is a great party trick, but not very useful and autopark isn't easy to activate. Traffic light and stop sign control and the upcoming autosteer for city streets are useful, but not included.

#2 The second point is financial. If you buy the EAP, you pay $4,000 now and $5,000 (or more as they raise it) for FSD. That is $9,000, versus $8,000 if you buy FSD now. I think Tesla should at least lock in the price of the FSD for you if you pay $4,000 for the minimally useful features in EAP. I do use basic AP and FSD for stoplight and stop sign control every time I drive my Model 3 and find both incredibly useful. I feel they improve the safety of the car, especially when I drive but am tired.