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Tesla Wants To Build A Research Center In India

Talks between Tesla and government officials in Bangalore, India took place this month about a possible new research center.

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Tesla is incessantly trying to integrate its products in new markets and expand throughout the World. In the last two years alone, it has built a massive factory in China and begun the construction of another in Germany.

Tesla vehicles sales are higher than ever, amidst the current situation with new Models coming to market such as the Model Y currently being produced in the US and about to begin production in China.

About two weeks ago, Tesla started making plans for what could be the next country they expand to.

Tesla In India

On September 10th, Tesla officials met with government representatives of Karnataka. They discussed the possibility of the American EV and energy company opening a research and innovation center in the state.

Another meeting is expected to occur later this month. These talks clarify that Tesla is still looking to stay on top in the EV market since Karnakata is the first state in India to come up with an EV policy and try to attract EV makers to it.

Tesla Is Also An Energy CompanyA growing market
Tesla has a lot of potential in India, it is a market in which electrification has not really taken off yet. Converting India to sustainable transport is a mission a lot faster said than done, and Tesla will have to come up with significantly lower-priced vehicles if they hope to sell there.

Although at the moment this will only be a research and innovation center, it does not necessarily mean Tesla will start manufacturing products there yet. India is a very talented country when it comes to innovation.

This may not only be about EVs, but it may also involve any of Tesla's products such as solar or batteries or even the design of a new vehicle such as an electric bike.

Just a start
The project and talks are still at a preliminary stage, hopefully, we will hear more of this news soon. What do you think the possibilities are for this research center? What products do you think could fit the Indian market? Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section.

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