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Tesla Helps The UK Store Energy With Battery Megapacks

Tesla has been implementing its large scale battery storage solution "Megapack" in the UK.


If somebody wants to see Tesla as two separate businesses, then he is wrong.Tesla has no separation between energy storage, production, and EV design because all these parts fit together into the Tesla Identity. Tesla transfers its knowledge in EV batteries to the energy storage, and energy production enables a full circle of production storage and usage of electricity.

Although until now Tesla's energy storage business has mostly been confined to implementation in the US and Australia it has transpired that the company has also been installing its batteries in the UK.

An energy storage plant-based in Dorset was fitted with six Tesla Megapack type batteries. According to the official Tesla website, this battery pack can store up to 3 Mwh per pack.
The Dorset plant as an energy storage capacity of about 7.5 Mwh. Tesla claims that this pack design enables fast installation and it uses ten times fewer parts than current systems. It is a modular system that can allow total storage of 1Gwh.

The Tesla Model Y will be the first Tesla Vehicle produced in EuropeThe UK installation

The largest battery plant Tesla has installed until now is the one in Australia, allowing for around two hundred Mwh to be stored.
On a side note, it will be interesting to note what improvements Tesla will announce to their energy storage solutions next Tuesday at Battery Day.

These Megapacks in Dorset come after a large investment from the National Grid who are trying to balance the grid. The plant is run by Fotowatio Renewable Ventures BV and Harmony Energy Ltd.

The point of these energy storage solutions is to stock up on the energy produced by renewables such a wind and solar when demand is low and then release that stored capacity back into the grid at night time when demand is higher and renewables are no longer operational.

Energy production in the UK

Earlier in the year, the UK went 67 days, 22 hours, and 55 minutes without using coal, a first since the Industrial Revolution. UK energy is mostly produced from natural gas and nuclear power at the moment.
But like most countries, they are shifting to becoming carbon neutral. They plan to achieve this by 2050 or earlier.

Tesla's energy side is starting to come out, and it shouldn't come as a surprise if we hear that many more Tesla renewables projects start emerging throughout the world.

What do you think the next step for Tesla is in terms of battery storage and energy production? What do you think Tesla will announce on Battery Day regarding this? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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