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Elon Musk States That European Model Y Will Undergo Core Redesign And More

Today while visiting Giga Berlin, Elon Musk shared some important Tesla news and made breaking announcements about Giga Berlin, transformation to sustainable energy, Battery Day and the German-made Model Y.

Today Elon Musk visited the Gigafactory under construction in Berlin to, in his own words, check up on the construction progress made at the site. Originally, he was expected to make an appearance yesterday, but in the end, he moved the visit back a day. He replied to several questions in an interview he had with the public and media in which he mentioned some important updates to what would be happening in Giga Berlin.

Core Model Y redesign
The most notable statement he made was about the Model Y, Tesla's seven-seater SUV revealed last year. He stated that the made in Europe model Y would not simply be a copy of the one made in the US and China, but instead, it will be a radical redesign of the core technology of building a car. He said that more information would be released on battery day, slated to happen on September 22nd. He said that it will be the first time that there will be a core structural design change in the vehicle and that it would imply manufacturing, engineering, and design changes in what we currently know as the Model Y.

Impressed by Germany
Amongst other questions he replied to was one about the speed of construction of Giga Berlin. Elon said that to him speed was important because he feels like Tesla needs to act quickly to make a significant change in moving the world to sustainable transport since most cars sold are still gas cars. He believes the world has to act quickly before the effects of climate change are irreversible. The CEO also congratulated the contractors working on the Berlin Gigafactory for their speed and quality of work.

Elon admitted to being very impressed by the engineering talent of Germany.

Elon Musk, Tesla's CEO in Berlin Today
Image credit of Tobias Lindh

Local workforce
In regard to hiring employees and making the site accessible for them, Musk confirmed that not only one, but two train stations were to be built to help future Tesla Workers to commute to and from the factory site, making Germans living in Berlin potential employees as it would be serviced by this railway line.

Elon spoke a little bit about environmental concerns, more importantly, the sourcing of water to the factory. Water used to be pumped up to the location from a mine, but that mine is now closing down making the utilisation of water a concern to locals. He reassured the people present by saying that Tesla would try to make Giga Berlin the most sustainable car factory in the world.

Friendly neighbor
He is also trying to make a good impression on the local population, saying that everyone from the region would be invited to the factory opening party and it being a family-friendly party in the early evening and that as the night would go on it might turn into a rave for those that are interested.

With battery day only about twenty days away, the focus is being turned to that event that is expected to greatly impact Tesla's future. We now know that the European model Y will be a big part of it through the redesign hinted by Elon. Please feel free to share any insights you might have on the upcoming event or any other Tesla news stories. What do you think the Model Y update could be? we would love to hear what you think in the comments.

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