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Tesla Opens Large Sustainably Powered Supercharger Station In Germany

Tesla has opened a very large Supercharging station near Dusseldorf in Germany, here are more details.

As the numbers of electric vehicles grow throughout all continents, the necessity for large charging stations to take over from petrol stations to power cars grows. Tesla has understood this so that is why it has pioneered the largest electric charger network worldwide.

At the moment, most Superchargers are located in the US, but China is rapidly catching up too. Europe is now starting to get into the picture for Tesla. This is why it has built a large Supercharger in Germany.

The new Station
The new charger was built in partnership with Fastned, a rapidly growing European charger network. The new charging station has twenty Tesla Superchargers and is powered with the help of solar and wind power.
The station can only power eight vehicles charging at the same time for the moment, but plans are to get that number up to 22. The station also houses eight of the Fastned chargers that can be used on other types of EV's.

Where to build?
It is becoming difficult for EV charging companies to find real estate that can accommodate charging stations. This is why the chargers are located near a bakery, meaning Tesla owners will be able to enjoy freshly baked products enabling them to recharge their stomachs and batteries.

Tesla has plans to build a supercharger station that has fifty-six stalls and includes restaurants and amenities in Firebaugh, California.

As I have stated before if Tesla plans on truly making transport sustainable then having all of its charging stations powered with renewables or carbon-neutral energy is a must.

Tesla Energy Storage solutions must accompany solar

It would be great to see more stations like this new german one open. The issue is that solar needs a lot of space to be truly effective and battery storage solutions need to be provided too. This setup is not well adapted to urban neighbourhoods.

What you think Tesla can improve on in its charger network? Could you see yourself using the amenities near the station? please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.
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