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Tesla Is Looking To Develop So-called Megachargers For Tesla Semi Trucks

Yesterday at the Tesla earnings conference call a new charging system called Megacharger was hinted at.

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Yesterday evening the Tesla earnings report took place with the EV and energy company reporting a very profitable quarter, showing that the pandemic has not hindered its growth at all. In the conference call following the report, the person in charge of the Tesla Semi program, Jerome Guillen addressed the problems and solutions of providing the truck with fast recharging capabilities and infrastructure to support it.

The plan is to be able to provide a charging speed capable of adding 400 miles of range in around half an hour to the Semi. In other terms, this corresponds to thirteen and a half miles per minute or a little more than a fifth of a mile per second.

More power
In order to reach such a speed, Tesla cannot rely on the V3 superchargers for cars. During the conference call yesterday Guillen announced that "we’re looking for something much more powerful than that [the car superchargers], that can achieve essentially charging the Semi during a break, between your driving time so that you can drive until the next break. So there is no usable or efficient time wasted for charging the Semi.”

What Tesla is trying to do here is rival the time it takes for current gas-powered trucks to refuel and have a break. The goal is to eliminate all excuses for not buying an electric alternative.
The current tesla superchargerMegacharger
To make achieving this goal easier, Jerome says that Tesla is working with third parties to develop this new Megacharger:
“We’re working with other parties to make sure that there is a standard infrastructure that will be able to be deployed for all customers. Yes. That’s probably all I can say at this point. Just we’re not working in isolation." He also added that they plan to make this system available to everybody, not just Tesla owners that is.

What do you think the timeline will be for this Megacharger? Will it come to exist before or after the next Supercharger version? Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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