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You Won't See A New Honda Ridgeline Hybrid Pickup Anytime Soon

Recent reports say Honda will bring a new Ridgeline Hybrid model for the 2020 model change. Is the report accurate, or just more rumors?

A Honda dealer in Louisiana has revealed the Ridgeline mid-size pickup will enter the 2020 model year with a hybrid powertrain according to Digital Trends. But, as soon as the report was made, the dealer apparently pulled the information off its coming soon website page and it’s now uncertain if the details were true.

The 2019 Honda Ridgeline is due for a refresh since it is in its second-generation model change that made its dealer launch in 2017. Honda did bring the new 2020 CR-V Hybrid and they are going to be upgrading the Ridgeline truck too. But getting any significant engine updates and a Hybrid model is unlikely until it gets a complete remodel in 2021-2022.

2019 Honda Ridgeline

The report says the Honda dealer wrote on its website (it has since been removed) that the 2020 Ridgeline will come in a hybrid trim powered by a 2.0-liter engine mated to a pair of electric motors. They did not reveal any specific specs in the information but this is the same two-motor hybrid drive system found on the CR-V Hybrid and Accord hybrid models.

The current Ridgeline is powered by a direct-injection 3.5-liter gas engine producing 280 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque. EPA fuel-mileage estimates for the two-wheel-drive model comes in at 19/26/22 city/highway/combined mpg. A hybrid model would bump up these numbers considerably.

2019 Honda Ridgeline

Other rumors about the next-generation Ridgeline are that it will get a new ZF 9-speed automatic transmission. This transmission is already used in the Pilot and all-new Passport, and Honda could use the new gearbox to increase fuel mileage in the new hybrid trim.

We are expecting Honda to announce pricing, new details, and specs on the 2020 Ridgeline soon, but don’t look for a Hybrid model just yet. For the 2020 model change, the mid-size pickup will likely get minor updates like getting Honda Sensing as standard, some minor exterior tweaks, new electronics and an updated infotainment system, and Honda’s next-generation passenger-side airbag. Stay tuned for 2020 Honda Ridgeline updates.

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Since Honda has released their Accord hybrid, and announced their CR-V hybrid, it seems like a no-brainer that they would offer the drivetrain as an option in all of the models where it fits. Honda had a buzz a year ago showing prototypes of their Pilot plug-in hybrid model, but there have been no formal announcements. I figure that this is all calculated to get the most press buzz off of each EV model released. So they might unfortunately not announce the release of their hybrid pickup or Pilot until the hybrid CR-V's hit the road. For me, ALL of their models should have been offered in both hybrid and PHEV versions a long time ago, but Honda recently scaled back the sales of their Clarity PHEV to only California (other than special order), so they are being very conservative in their release of EV models outside of California.
I have a 2010 Ridgeline and won't even consider a trade-in until Honda comes out with Hybrid model truck. So sad it won't come next year. If I were to even consider a new Ridgeline, it would need full-four wheel drive, not just all-wheel drive. I know this is only at low speeds, but I've used it to pull many things over the years. The current line doesn't even compete with the older ridgeline in my humble view. However, if the came out with Hybrid, it would make me seriously consider it.
what colors will be offered on the 2020 honda ridgeline