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5 Gifts Subaru Fans Won’t Find Under The Tree This Year

What will Subaru fans find under the tree this morning? There are five new gifts they asked Santa for but still won't get this year. Check out the list here.


It's time to check under the tree and see what Santa brought Subaru fans. There's a redesigned 2023 Outback, Ascent, and Legacy, but there's not much new for Crosstrek or Forester. Here are five things Subaru fans asked Santa for but won't find under the tree this morning.

1. Subaru Crosstrek Wilderness

When will U.S. customers get an all-new 2024 Crosstrek Wilderness trim level? It's not under the tree this year. The Crosstrek Wilderness will be the third SUV with the rugged Wilderness branding joining the Outback and Forester. But the Wilderness trim level will arrive later than the standard model. Fans may not see the new Crosstrek Wilderness until next Christmas.

2023 Subaru Forester XT turbo

2. Forester XT Turbocharged model

Subaru customers in Japan get an early Christmas present, but not in North America. Subaru Corporation announced the Japanese-specification 2023 Forester would get a new XT Edition with a turbocharged engine. The new Forester XT comes with a 1.8-liter turbocharged Boxer engine, but it's not coming to North America. A Forester turbo for U.S. customers could be two years away.

3. Outback or Forester Hybrid

A new report says the Japanese automaker is working on improved and more fuel-efficient Hybrid and plug-in hybrid technology that's coming soon. Subaru only offers the Crosstrek plug-in Hybrid for its U.S. customers, but why not Forester, Outback, and Ascent SUVs?

2023 Subaru Solterra

Subaru CEO Tomomi Nakamura announced in May that they will add a dedicated in-house EV assembly plant in Japan by 2027. Subaru says they will invest $2.05 billion in new hybrid and electric vehicle initiatives over the next five years. Subaru fans will have to wait a while to get the new hybrid models.

4. Head-Up Display

The newly-updated 2023 Outback offers customers standard safety-first features like driver assist, surround-view cameras with blind-spot detection, and visual indicators in the side mirrors. Still, it doesn't provide a head-up display (HUD) system that projects information onto the windshield.

A head-up display is more than a luxury feature. It's a needed safety feature because it allows the driver to keep both eyes on the road by directly putting essential information in the driver's sight. Many automakers like Mazda and Hyundai now offer a head-up display on lower trims, and you don't have to buy a luxury car to get it. It's the one feature Subaru should provide on the 2023 Outback midsize SUV. You won't find it under the tree this morning.

2023 Subaru Outback Wilderness

5. A Wilderness heated steering wheel

Outdoor enthusiasts will be in deep snow and icy cold temperatures this winter. It's hard to believe, but a heated steering wheel is unavailable on the 2023 Subaru Outback, and Forester Wilderness trim levels. Still, it's standard on Touring, Limited XT, and Touring XT trims. But Subaru didn't give their active customers one of the best gifts they could have received.

Santa has been good to Subaru fans, but they asked for five things they won't find under the tree this morning. Keep asking because Subaru of America will eventually respond.

What's coming next year

The Crosstrek subcompact crossover received upgrades in 2021 and would have been due for a redesign for the 2023 model year, but global supply interruptions pushed its arrival to next year. The next-generation Crosstrek should arrive before the Holidays in 2023.

The all-new 2024 Subaru Impreza hatchback will arrive well before the Holiday season in 2023. Subaru says the remodeled compact car will be here next Spring.

What gifts will you ask Subaru of America for next year? Let them know in the comment section below.

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