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Three of the Top Ten Fastest-Selling Vehicles Are Toyota RAV4 Trims

Toyota’s RAV4 dominates this list of the fastest-selling vehicles in America. ANd the RAV4 is being delivered in huge volumes.


Americans cannot get enough Toyota RAV4s. All three styles of the popular RAV4 crossover, the conventionally-powered line, the Hybrid trims, and the Prime plug-in hybrid-electric trims all made the past month's top-ten list of the vehicles that fly off dealer lots the fastest.

Chart courtesy of iSeeCarsRAV4 Deliveries High Despite Headwinds
Before you discount the fast sales and delivery rate of the RAV4 as an anomoly, consider that at least one trim of this vehicle has been on the list of fastest-selling vehicles for months. In June, Toyota delivered over 36,000 RAV4s. The Hybrid and Prime green trims account for a third of those total RAV4 sales. The company had its highest delivery month for the Prime trim in the model’s 13 months of sales, and that popular trim has exceeded Toyota’s volume guidance since it was launched.

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Analyst: RAV4 Best-Selling SUV In America
“The Toyota RAV4 is the best-selling SUV in America, and demand has grown while supply has contracted,” said iSeeCars Executive Analyst Karl Brauer. “The RAV4 line has also seen renewed interest thanks to the success of the RAV4 Prime, which had its best-ever monthly sales in June, leading some dealers to mark up its price due to high demand, and the RAV4 Hybrid, which Toyota has struggled to keep in stock since its debut in 2016.”

Toyota Deliveries Up (Not Down)
Toyota’s cars and light trucks are also up double digits over 2020 during the first half of this year. Year to date, the Toyota RAV4’s deliveries have totaled 221,195 units. The RAV4’s year-to-date volume of sales through the end of June is larger than all of Cadillac and Buick. Combined. The Mazda CX-5 is a worthy competitor to the RAV4, and the CX-5 recently passed the Subaru Forester in sales volume. However, Toyota’s RAV4 crossover model is on another level. The RAV4 didn’t just outsell the CX-5, it outsold all of Mazda in America.

The iSeeCars study is fascinating if you like to see which cars are the ones folks want the most. You can check out the full study summary here.

Image courtesy of Toyota RAV4 Prime owner and enthusiast, Kate Silbaugh.

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