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Ford anti-theft car devices in part to thank for auto theft decrease

In 2011 there was a 7.2 percent decrease in the number of Americans who fell victim to car thefts than in 2010, as reported by the FBI's annual Uniform Crime Report. Ford Motor Corp is aware that persistent thieves are still on the prowl and is offering safety tips on how to keep cars from being stolen by predators.

Improved anti-theft car devices and safety tips are in part to applaud for such a decrease in car thefts from 2010 to 2011; however, prospective thieves remain tenacious in their efforts to steal cars and will continue to do so. This is where the Ford Motor Corp is helping. Ford is continuously improving different technologies and methods to keep vehicles safe from criminals and to protect its customers.

Of course even the most top-notch anti-theft car devices are not full-proof, but Ford is doing everything in its power to bring the best to its consumers. Ford will continue significant and ongoing improvements in security features with the goal to deter car thefts. Ford does this by taking measures to make it as difficult as possible for thieves to steal your cars.

Some technologies that Ford has brought to vehicles are remote keyless entry which allows locking/unlocking at the push of a button. Now drivers don’t have to fuss with keys that may allow time for a thief to approach the driver and steal their car. In addition, keyless entry makes it less possible for someone to steal your keys because the actual key never has to be taken out of a pocket or purse.

Other Ford technologies are passive entry-passive start which allows a driver to remotely unlock and start the engine, an intrusion sensing system which deters against smash-and-grab thefts, an immobilizer which helps prevent drive-away thefts, a panic alarm which draws attention quickly in case of danger, and a perimeter alarm system which deters against unauthorized entry via doors, hood and trunk/liftgate.

That is not all Ford offers though as far as anti-theft car devices. For increased protection, Ford dealers also provide additional anti-theft safety services including vehicle identification number (VIN) etching on windows and other surfaces which makes cars less attractive to thieves because all windows must be replaced before the vehicle can be tagged with a fake VIN and resold, the installation of wheel locks, which helps protect against wheel theft by requiring a special key to unlock the lug nuts and the installation of LoJack which is a very popular vehicle tracking system that helps police locate and recover vehicles.

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