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Start/Stop Technology in the Ford F150 Should Be Embraced

Ford Motor Company has announced that all 2017 F150 pickups with an EcoBoost engine and while some people will complain about too much technology increasing the cost to consumers – this is a simple technology that is spreading across the industry, and it should be embraced.

Start/Stop technology has been around in the world of super-efficient hybrids for quite some time now, but this is fresh technology in the full-size truck world. Ford introduced Start/Stop tech with the current F150 powered by the 2.7L EcoBoost V6, but starting with the 2017 model year, all F150 pickups with any of the EcoBoost engines will feature this fuel-friendly upgrade.

Since this was first announced, I’ve seen some negativity online about the implementation of this technology in the Ford F150, but it seems as though the people opposed to this feature aren’t very familiar with how it works. With that in mind, we bring you a rundown of what this technology does, how it works and why it is a good addition to the F150 lineup.

“EcoBoost already powers F-150’s best-in-class towing,” said Doug Scott, Ford truck group marketing manager. “Now, with every EcoBoost-equipped F-150 mildly electrified with standard Auto Start-Stop technology, customers’ fuel efficiency is expected to improve as well.”

How Start/Stop Technology Works
Start/Stop technology is as simple as it sounds. It is a system that works with the braking system to save the gasoline burned when the Ford F150 is sitting still in traffic. I have driven the current F150 with the 2.7L EcoBoost V6 and Start/Stop, and it is a great system. When you come to a complete stop with the truck in drive and rear-drive mode, the engine quickly shuts itself off. As soon as you begin to lift your foot off of the brake pedal, the system detects it and starts the engine back up incredibly quickly. Really, as quickly as you can move your foot from the brake pedal to the gas pedal to drive away, the engine is back up and running – ready to go. Since the engine is off in the same manner that it is off when parked in your driveway, the start time is significantly quicker than starting the truck up from being completely shut off.

The 2017 Ford F150 Start/Stop tech will be offered in all EcoBoost-equipped trucks, meaning that the 2.7L V6, the “normal” 3.5L V6 and the high performance 3.5L V6 in the new Raptor will all feature this fuel-saving technology. For those who really don’t like it, there is a switch that allows you to disable the system altogether, but since there is really no downside to the system – I wouldn’t see why any driver would really want to shut if off under normal driving circumstances.

Also, in more extreme driving situations – such as towing, hauling or driving in four wheel drive – the 2017 F150 will automatically disable the system.

Studies have shown that a tremendous amount of gasoline is wasted idling in traffic. When these vehicles are idling, they are not only wasting gas, but they are also contributing to the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Start/Stop technology cuts down on that negative impact as well, so it helps the environment and it will save owners money at the gas pump.

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I truly hate turning this feature off EVERY time I start the engine. I have a BMW and with a simple push of a button this same feature is disabled FOREVER! I am going to get a trailer plug to disable this feature. I see this as a poor design.
When you do that it's going to put the vehicle into tow/haul mode which will alter shift points, etc. You should have kept you old truck. That's what I'm doing. I will keep it until fords wisens up and fixes this stupid BS, or at least makes it where you can cut it off permanently!
Just bought this 2018 with the healthy 5.0 liter. The Auto Stop/Start ruined my enthusiasm for this shinny new Ford. What a pile of CRAP! Like everyone else here mentioned, salesman was really vague on this and played stupid about disabling the option. I've held a drivers license since 1974, it not normal for the engine to die at a stop sign. We use to try to keep them running now we have them shutdown automatically. Wish I did not buy this overpriced crap...
2017 Escape 2.0 turbo Definitely disconcerting to have the engine stop on its own. Should not be legal. Headlights dim in stop mode too. Not safe. Headlights barely bright enough anyway. I used to drive a 2012 Chev Equinox that had great headlights but a garbage engine. The auto start stop should stay off until driver wants to use it.
I'm not French, Swedish or freak'n British. I didn't buy a full-sized V8 pick-up for fuel economy and climate change is a Progressive scam. If I wanted to drive a three ton Cushman scooter, I'd have bought one and piled the 2 1/2 tons of shit Ford is talking into the back of it. This is liberal, Obama Era EPA hold-over Shiite! Screw you Ford, I'm buying a Nissan Titan. Oh, and thanks for donating hundreds on millions to the black criminals of BLM to further undermine the civil society. You are such sell-outs. Is there ANY progressive cause the Ford Family won't buy hook, line, and sinker?
Looking for insight When towing a RV will the Auto Start/Stop permanently turn off truck. Over the weekend, I was pulling my 17' RV with my 2018 F150. I started off in Tow/Haul Mode. Once I got out of city on Hwy speed limit 70, I switch to normal setting. While on the Hwy there was an accident and we came to a complete stop. I sware the truck completely turned off. I say this because I took foot off of brake and nothing. did not turn on. Now freaking out. I turned if off, waited a second, and turned ignition on. At same time my wife hit the disable Auto stop button. Quickly turned to tow mode. Is this common? Never dealt with this technology. Or do I need to keep aware and switch between normal/tow mode? thx
Turn on your fuel mileage monitor and see how fuel mileage decreases when siting at a stop light with system deactivated. If concerned about mileage per gallon difference you may change your mind.
If AC is on engine will not shut off Read your owners manual.
I purchased a brand new Ford F-150 this year and have been very happy with it. Unfortunately, at only about 1,200 miles on the odometer, the StartStop feature simply quit working. A quick online search shows that an inordinate number of vehicles with this new feature suffer the same failure. I have an appointment with the service team at my local dealership next month so I don't yet know what the problem is, but I am more than a little disappointed.
When I bought this truck and questioned the sales lair of this about start/stop mandatory crap he played stupid. Yes you csn push a button on the dash to deactivate it but when you shut off the engine and restart it resets its self. Yes you can connect a trailer plug to make it think it’s pulling a trailer and it deactivates itself but you don’t have that fancy rear camera and rear view side mirror sensor you paid out this ass for. Face it, it’s pure mandatory bullshit!!! You just got it broke off in your ass from buying a FORD..
These comments must all be written by GM or Dodge marketing employees, or a bunch of morons that don’t bother to learn anything about the engineering that was done so the parts involved hold up to the increased starting. Maybe these comments are all from guys who miss their old 180hp turds from the early 90’s. The starters and other components are built to handle it, and have been working for years without any problems. Educate yourselves and quit acting like a bunch of babies.
I wanted a new truck, however all the new electronics and features are the reason I will not be buying one. I want a truck! Some of these new features are really troublesome. So, I just bought a 66 Chevy C10 in good condition, will be replacing suspension, engine, trans and painting, figure it will cost me about 10 to 15K, but at least I will have a real truck.
I want a work truck. I don't need ess or a nav. system. I like !6" tires it puts the bed lower and that's good when loading. Wake up Ford.
If this feature saves such a significant amount of fuel ... get a golf cart. 2 problems ... zero oil pressure when the engine isn't running ... or does this thing have an electric "pre-start pressurization?" 2 --- has been stated ... but wear on the starter increases. These little ecoboost engines are pretty efficient. Who ever conceived of a legitimate 25 plus MPG capability in a full size pickup? .... and STILL be able to tow something larger than a motorcycle??? not a fan. Just purchased a used 2017 F150. Wasn't aware of this feature. will be looking for a permanent disable.
Take the ethanol out of the gas, makes more pollution to make than it saves in the gas and is terrible on combustion engines plus you get more mileage and less for gas. Special interest money.
Hey Patrick Rall just because you happen to be a far lefty, green new deal, libtard doesn't mean everyone agrees with you and you sure as hell don't speak for everyone! Even though you think you do... I bet you're one of those people who want to get rid of cows because they fart all day! If I wanted this crap I would have bought a hybrid car. It's ridiculous to put something like this on a 4x4 pickup truck, ESPECIALLY the friggin Raptor. Has Ford completely lost the plot???
Autostop Eliminator. Plug and play.