The 2012 SI Swimsuit Issue Mustang ad
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SI Swimsuit issue features sexy 2013 Ford Mustang GT ad

While the folks at Lexus have had a heavy dose of advertising around the new 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, Ford Motor Company made their mark in a very sexy way with a full page advertisement featuring the new 2013 Mustang GT shown on the right.

The full page ad featuring the blue 2013 Ford Mustang GT shows the newest pony car sitting along a beachside view complete with a palm tree and a sexy young lady in a skimpy bikini. Unfortunately, the way that the advertisement is cropped, we can only see about half of the young lady’s body and we cannot see her face at all. At the bottom corner of the ad there is the simple text “Swimsuit model Dalena Henriques and the new 2013 Mustang”…but who is this Dalena Henriques?

In an effort to cure my journalistic curiosity, I did some looking around the internet for the sexy Ms. Henriques in the 2013 Ford Mustang ad and not surprisingly, I found Like most sites dedicated to hot models, Ms. Henriques’ site features a great many pictures of the lovely brunette but every shot also includes the 2013 Ford Mustang. Also, like the Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Issue advertisement, every single shot avoids showing Dalena Henriques face…although it does give a good look at her sexy body from a variety of angles and in different outfits. Unlike other model sites – there is no “about me”, contact information, booking information or information that you would find on a typical modeling site. This has lead many sources to believe that Dalena Henriques is not a real person but based on what I see in these pictures…she looks wonderfully real to me. Perhaps Dalena Henriques is a fictional character created by Ford and played by the gorgeous model shown in the gallery on the right or perhaps she is an up and comer who has gotten her first big break from FoMoCo with the help of the 2013 Ford Mustang.

It does kind of make you question the whole thing considering that her face is never shown but let’s be honest – the pictures of “Dalena Henriques” and the 2013 Ford Mustang are great so who cares who she really is? On the Dalena Henriques website, there are a total of 25 pictures of Ms. Henriques with the new Ford Mustang in both GT and GT500 form and each one includes cute little captions – presumably written by Dalena herself…whoever she is.

You may be asking yourself, why is Ford running an ad campaign like this? Well, this about it this way…every month, there are tons of automotive ads in magazines and very few get any media coverage. On the other hand, a Mustang ad with a mystery sexy girl with no face has been all over the media since the new SI Swimsuit Issue debuted. It looks like a great move by Ford to promote this campaign.

Check out the gallery on the right for a look at some of the sexier shots from the new Ford advertising campaign and visit for a look at the full collection.

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