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Leonardo DiCaprio to get 1st Fisker Karma, convertible and shooting brake coming

The first Fisker Karma to reach an American customer is expected to be delivered by the end of this month and when it does, Titanic star Leonardo DiCaprio will be the first official owner of the Karma in the US.


In addition to DiCaprio getting 2012 Fisker Karma #1, former Vice President Al Gore and former Secretary of State Colin Powell are on the list of consumers waiting for their own Karma.

According to the British publication Autocar, Fisker’s production line at Valmet Automotive in Finland is currently producing 3 Karma sedans a week but that number will jump to 300 a week this November. All of these models are being produced to fulfill the 3,000 pre-orders the automaker received for their high performance, high end luxury plug-in electric vehicle and until the company has cut into those first 3,000 units – no more orders for the Fisker Karma are being taken.

While the high price of the Fisker Karma may be more appropriate for the links of movie stars and politicians, Fisker has taken the first steps to open their Delaware production facility at which they will build their next model – currently labeled Project Nina. This vehicle is expected to be more of a “Fisker for the common man”, with a price tag starting in the $40,000 range. The Nina is expected to be smaller and offer less luxury level amenities than the Karma but we can expect it to offer a similar electric drivetrain with gasoline range-extending capabilities…although it probably won’t be packing the same 403 horsepower as the Karma.

Autocar has also reported that the Fisker Karma sedan will be joined by a convertible and shooting brake version. Fisker has previously displayed a convertible wearing the name Sunset at various auto shows around the world and the Karma shooting brake is expected to meet the world later this year at the Frankfurt Motor Show. There is speculation that Project Nina could also see the same three variations but with no indication as to what the Nina even looks like, it could be some time before we see those new models hitting the American landscape.

Source: Autocar

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