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The Fisker Karma makes its production debut at the Monaco Grand Prix

Attendees of the 2011 Monaco Grand Prix this past weekend were the first people to see a production version of the upcoming Fisker Karma sedan on a public road as the electric vehicle with a range extending as the sleek sedan took to the track of the Monaco street circuit.

Just before the 2011 Monaco GP qualifying began on Saturday, the first European production version of the Fisker Karma hit the track with company founder Henrik Fisker riding shotgun and the Sovereign Prince of Monaco Albert the 2nd behind the wheel. Prince Albert II and Mr. Fisker made a few laps around the 2-mile city street-turned-road course before returning the innovative electric luxury sedan to the static display setup for the duration of the weekend’s racing event.

After the historic first trip for the Fisker Karma production version on European public roads, company founder and CEO Henrik Fisker offered the following comments:
The Fisker Karma project has a distinct Monaco link. Prince Albert was one of the people who inspired me to create the Fisker Karma. When I met him at the Top Marques Show in Monaco in 2006 he commented that he would love to see a fuel-efficient luxury car, and from that small seed grew the concept of what became Fisker Automotive and our focus on premium EVER (electric vehicle-extended range) cars that deliver pure driving passion.

We want to thank both the principality of Monaco and Prince Albert for not only being the inspiration, but also a great support for our groundbreaking automotive green initiative.”

The production version of the Fisker Karma spent the weekend in the area known as the Nouvelle Chicane, between the 10th and 11th turn of the famous road course. Now that the racing weekend is over, that same production Karma sedan will travel to nearby Cavallari Monaco Motors – the American automaker’s newest European dealership.

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