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Fisker Automotive secures another $100 million

Fisker Automotive has announced via a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that the company has received $100 million in investments, although the investors responsible for this large chunk of change have not been named.

The latest $100 million worth of funds raised by Fisker Automotive comes shortly after the company received around $190 million through the month of March. The two key goals for start-up automakers like Fisker are the ability to gain the proper funding and putting together a vehicle that will sell in the applicable markets.

Production has already begun on the 2011 Fisker Karma sedan at Valmet Automotive's plant in Uusikaupunki, Finland but as the company moves forward, these new investments will likely help the company to grow. Fisker plans to offer a more cost effective model named the Nina sometime in 2012 and the Californian automaker intends to build their new model in Delaware.

Fisker spent years showing off the Karma Plug-In Electric sedan with a range extending gasoline engine alongside concepts like the Sunset (convertible) but with production of the first consumer models beginning in March, the reality of privately owned Fisker Karma sedans on roads around the world is very near. The Karma offers impeccable luxury inside with a sleek, classy exterior shape but most importantly – it’s what you cannot see that matters the most. The Karma features a plug-in electric drive system that makes 403 horsepower and delivers up to 50 miles of emission free driving but it also comes with a range-extended gasoline engine that can allow the Karma to be your only vehicle. Unlike a pure electric vehicle like the Tesla Model S, there is no concern of having to recharge or getting stuck with dead batteries.

As the first wave of 2011 Fisker Karma sedans hit the global market, the popularity of this high tech luxury sedan could give us a good look at the long term success of the Fisker brand. In the meantime, owner Henrik Fisker has done a fine job of acquiring the financing needed to make his visionary vehicle a gorgeous production reality.

Fisker has a great website with information and images of the car – click here to have a look for yourself!

Source: Automotive News

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