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Fisker Automotive inks deal for Chinese distribution

Fisker Automotive, maker of the Karma luxury hybrid-electric sedan, has announced that it has completed a deal with China Grand Automotive Group to import the green luxo-sport sedan to the Chinese market.

China Grand Automotive Group is the leading name in Chinese marketing of foreign vehicles (to the tune of 7.5 billion USD in sales through 2010) with their client list including Mercedes Benz, BMW and Lamborghini. Fisker believes that the booming luxury car segment in China combined with the desire for more environmentally friendly vehicles will equate to strong sales in the Chinese auto industry.

Fisker CEO Henrik Fisker had this to say about the new deal between his company and China Grand Automotive (CGA) Group:
“We are extremely proud to be working with CGA to support Fisker Automotive in the fast-emerging Chinese market. With its vast network of experienced retailers CGA will give Fisker an instant and credible footprint in the region. CGA’s attention to detail and excellent customer service will ensure Fisker buyers receive the level of service and peace of mind expected of a premium brand.”

The first vehicle to debut in the Chinese market will be the Fisker Karma, which is set to meet the public at the Shanghai Motor Show in April. The 2011 Fisker Karma features a hybrid-electric drivetrain that offers drivers 50 miles of emission-free (electric only) with an additional 250 miles coming from the rane-extending gasoline engine, along with packing 403 horsepower to fulfill the promise of being a sporty luxury sedan with power to back up the look.

Fisker reports that they have already taken 3,000 orders for the Karma sedan and they intend to reach a production volume of roughly 15,000 Karmas per year around the world with vehicles reaching Chinese buyers next fall. Fisker also plans to produce a higher volume premium luxury electric model with extended range late in 2012 and at various auto shows over the past two years, the company has showed off some other sexy concepts like their Sunset – an extended range electric drop-top sporting the sexy styling of the Karma in two-door form. Based on what I have seen around the US at these auto shows, Fisker Automotive stands the best chance (in my opinion) of any of these all-hybrid automakers of entering the mainstream automotive market around the world. The sleek sexy exterior styling supports the car’s sporty attitude and the powerful hybrid drivetrain combines amazing fuel economy with high performance – all wrapped up with an interior quality that you would expect from the world’s most well-known luxury automakers.

The Fisker Karma is one of those cars that just glows in person, no matter what the exterior color, and if you haven’t seen a Fisker product in person make sure to keep an eye on your local auto show to see if the California-based automaker will be making a stop near you – it’s well worth the trip to see what could be the next big name in the luxury automotive segment. I am typically leery of these small, start-up automakers but with the past success of Henrik Fisker’s designs around the world with the gorgeous design of the new Karma sedan, the Fisker Karma has become one of my favorite “green” cars in the world.

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