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California Chevy Dealer Adds $50k to the 2015 Corvette Z06 Price

The 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 has been hitting dealerships and private owners for a little over a month now and it looks as though at least one dealership is tacking on a huge markup for the most track capable Vette of all time – with a $49,995 “market adjustment” bringing the sticker price up to $143,960.


Now, I want to start by saying that the report of the $50k markup comes from the site, where they have posted a picture of a dealership option price tag that shows a markup of $49,995 to a “Corvette”, which brings about a final price of $143,960. This sticker allegedly came from John L. Sullivan Chevrolet in Northern California and while it looks legit, this price isn’t reflected on that dealership’s online inventory so perhaps there is an explanation to this huge markup. (Update: The C7 Corvette Inventory Is Diminishing Regardless of Upcoming C8 Reveal.)

Of course, that explanation could be that dealerships are greedy and they like to squeeze every last cent out of cars like the 2015 Corvette Z06 – or maybe they have a good excuse. I don’t know right now, but what I do know is that someone has a picture of a dealership option price tag with one serious upcharge added.

The John L. Sullivan Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Inventory
After reading about this gigantic “market adjustment on Boost Addict, I headed to the John L. Sullivan Chevrolet website for a look at their inventory. Like most other dealerships with running water, Sullivan Chevy has an online inventory system complete with prices and information on each car. They don’t have the Z06 broken out onto its own page, but they do have two new Z06 units listed under “Corvette”, which evidently applies to 2015 model year cars where “Corvette Stingray” applies to 2014 model year Corvettes.

Questionable website layout aside, the Sullivan Chevrolet website lists two 2015 Corvette Z06 coupes, both of which are fitted with the top of the line 3LZ trimline. One is a Torch Red Z06 that appears to already be in stock while the other is a Velocity Yellow unit that is in transit. The Red car has an online price of $100,845 while the Yellow car has a price of $105,990 – both of which are a far cry from the $143,960 on the dealership price tag. Those prices are also different than the base price of $93,965 shown on Boost Addicts and when looking at the VIN numbers for the cars on the Sullivan website, neither of the current Z06 listings match the VIN from the news article about the huge markup. Finally, none of the cars on the website match the stock number shown on the upcharge sticker.

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However, just because neither of the new Corvette Z06 coupes on the dealership website have a huge markup doesn’t mean that the Chevy dealership isn’t adding $49,995 to the final price. Considering how quick most dealerships are to take a hot car and tack on a few grand, it wouldn’t come as a huge shock to hear that a dealership was asking $143k for a new Z06. It would, however, come as a surprise if anyone is foolish enough with their money to pay that price unless there is something truly special about that particular Corvette.