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The 2012 Ford F150 EcoBoost offers 756 miles on a single tank of gas

Ford has just rolled out the information on the 2012 Ford F150 and while changes are fairly minimal for America’s bestselling trucks, a new standard fuel tank in select models will allow properly equipped 2012 F150 pickups go up to 756 miles on a single tank of gasoline.


The incredible range of the 2012 Ford F150 comes in part to the addition of a new 36 gallon fuel tank while the powerful 3.5L EcoBoost V6 does the rest. This new fuel tank is standard in models equipped with four wheel drive and the EcoBoost engine option, trucks that come with an EPA estimated fuel economy rating of 21 miles per gallon on the highway. This means that when achieving the EPA highway fuel economy numbers, the owner of a 2012 EcoBoost F150 can travel 756 miles – comparable to the distance from Detroit Michigan to Atlanta Georgia – on a single tank of gasoline. Plus, in my time spent behind the wheel of the 2011 Ford F150 with the EcoBoost V6, I got better than the 21mpg predicted by the government so some drivers may be able to go beyond 756 miles on a single tank of gas with the right highway driving techniques.

The most impressive aspect about the 756 mile range of the 2012 F150 EcoBoost trucks is that Ford is able to achieve these numbers not with some low end, super efficiency model but instead – the F150 can go 756 miles on a single tank of gas while also being able to haul 3,600 pounds and tow 11,300 pounds (both best in class figures). When you consider the fact that the EcoBoost V6 makes the F150 one of the most powerful and capable trucks in the market along with offering incredible fuel economy, it is no wonder why the EcoBoost option has been installed in more than 40% of the trucks built over the past few months. Never before has a pickup offered unbeatable fuel economy and power like the EcoBoost – helping to further the success of America’s bestselling pickup.

I recently had the pleasure of logging a few hundred miles behind the wheel of the F150 EcoBoost, including some towing and hauling, and Ford’s proclamations of the EcoBoost’s capabilities are in no way exaggerated – as this powerful little V8 really does everything that a comparable V8 can do while also achieving better fuel economy than the competitors least powerful trucks. Click here for a closer look at the TorqueNews review of the 2011 F150 EcoBoost.

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Frank Sherosky    October 2, 2011 - 4:30PM

I cannot help but take issue with the Ford marketing mindset that a larger fuel tank somehow should imply greater efficiency and value. Fact is, it doesn't. I agree that extending the driving range is a great convenience, but MPG will always be the greater element of all auto efficiiency criteria.

chickis (not verified)    December 29, 2013 - 10:33PM

A series of true different colours is programmed in the display, and the transmission quick through spots