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What Difference Light Bars Make in Toyota Tacoma Compared to HID Headlights

If you have HID Headlights on your Toyota Tacoma, should you also install a Light Bar? See what difference a light bar makes.


This is Jose Lara with is Toyota Tacoma explaining our readers what a difference putting a light bar on his Toyota Tacoma made vs just driving with HID headlights.

First Jose shows his Tacoma's HID lights, and see what a significant difference it makes when getting and installing a light bar on a Tacoma. Without a lightbar you can't see too far out. Looks like it's lighting up at least about a 100 yards.

This light bar has about 30,000 lumens.

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On another Toyota news, you may know that 2016 Tacoma went on sale yesterday. The big news, of course, is the all-new V6 engine and new transmissions, writes TorqueNews Toyota reporter John Goreham in that story.

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