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Will this Toyota Tacoma's brakes stop it in time? See the result

This Toyota Tacoma owner was distracted by a Ford Raptor. Can rear drum brakes get the job done?


Dash camera videos offer all kinds of exciting footage. The one on this Tacoma highlights just how well the Toyota pickup can stop in an emergency. In the video, the driver is rolling along at normal speeds when he notices a Ford Raptor. It doesn’t matter if you are Chevy, Toyota, or Ram fan, when you see a Ford Raptor you take a glance. That distraction almost costs the Tacoma driver big-time.

As you can see in the video, the Toyota Tacoma’s brakes work well in this emergency. Yes, the Taco has drum brakes in back, but in most braking situations a pickup loads up its front wheels and the front discs do most of the work. We do hear some tire scrub, but the truck stays pointed forward, and the stop is impressive. The Raptor chose not to stop and performs an evasive maneuver to keep from hitting the truck turning in front of the two lanes with the green light.

It is hard to tell from the video if the driver was speeding, or if the tractor trailer simply turned left through a red-light. Either way, both pickups are able to avoid an accident. One by standing on the brakes, the other with a pretty sweet move.